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Hi, I’m Alice. Welcome to Easy Vegan Recipes, the place to find your favorite recipes made vegan!

We round up the best and easiest vegan recipes in one place, allowing you easy access to your favorite dishes fast.

Latest Vegan Recipes

Easy Vegan Enchilada Recipes

21 Easy Vegan Enchilada Recipes

Enchiladas are just one of the many popular Mexican dishes that people around the world have grown to love. Enchiladas are made with rolled corn tortillas, filled with typical Mexican … Read more

Easy Raw Vegan Recipes

51 Easy Raw Vegan Recipes

Take processed foods off the menu with these easy raw vegan recipes. Below we have options for healthy meal prep ideas, delicious dinners, and mouthwatering dishes that are all completely … Read more

Easy Vegan Brunch Recipes

41 Easy Vegan Brunch Recipes

It’s more than a breakfast, but not quite lunch. It’s brunch, and it’s just got exciting with these easy vegan brunch recipes! Let us know in the comments which are … Read more

Easy Vegan Eggnog Recipes

23 Easy Vegan Eggnog Recipes

Eggnog is a classic, festive holiday drink to enjoy in the colder months. However, vegans can’t always enjoy this traditional delicacy. The main ingredients in eggnog are a custard made … Read more

Easy Vegan Granola Recipes

25 Easy Vegan Granola Recipes

While going vegan for any reason may limit some of your options, it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a healthy and tasty breakfast. Making your vegan granola is a lot … Read more

Easy Vegan Pasta Recipes

35 Easy Vegan Pasta Recipes

Pasta is a pantry staple for many people, but it’s an invaluable ingredient for vegans and vegetarians. So many plant-based casseroles and main dishes feature noodles as a base or … Read more

Easy Vegan Pie Recipes

35 Easy Vegan Pie Recipes

Following a plant-based vegan diet doesn’t mean giving up any flavors or textures you enjoy, thanks to so many creative recipes. You don’t have to give up desserts like cakes … Read more

Easy Vegan Ricotta Recipes

29 Easy Vegan Ricotta Recipes

Plant-based versions of dairy products have been getting better as more and more people convert to a primarily plant-based diet. Finding delicious vegan versions of your favorite dairy products to … Read more

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