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Hi, I’m Alice. Welcome to Easy Vegan Recipes, the place to find your favorite recipes made vegan!

We round up the best and easiest vegan recipes in one place, allowing you easy access to your favorite dishes fast.

Latest Vegan Recipes

Easy Vegan Pad Thai Recipes

21 Easy Vegan Pad Thai Recipes

Thai food is full of incredibly delicious and wonderful dishes. One of my favorite choices is Pad Thai. However, if you’re looking for Pad Thai recipes, you might find that … Read more

Easy Vegan Sugar Cookie Recipes

17 Easy Vegan Sugar Cookie Recipes

Nothing’s better than satisfying a craving for a sweet treat, whether it’s with a decadent slice of cake or a delicious sugar cookie. These easy vegan sugar cookie recipes are … Read more

Easy Vegan Quiche Recipes

39 Easy Vegan Quiche Recipes

Traditionally, quiche is an egg-based brunch item. So, how does one make quiche without eggs? The answer is simpler than you likely think. Several ingredients, including aquafaba, garbanzo flour, and … Read more

Easy Vegan Brownie Recipes

37 Easy Vegan Brownie Recipes

Nothing hits the spot quite like a brownie when you are craving a sweet, rich dessert. Whether you prefer a cake-like brownie or a fudgy, chewy one, our list of … Read more

Easy Vegan Chili Recipes

19 Easy Vegan Chili Recipes

Contrary to what some may think, vegan chili packs all of the protein and flavor of traditional meat chilis. You won’t even notice the difference. Check out this list of … Read more

Easy Vegan Pizza Recipes

41 Easy Vegan Pizza Recipes

Pizza is one of the best foods! And there’s no need to go without just because you are vegan. With a little creativity, you can create pizzas that are even … Read more

Easy Vegan Taco Recipes

23 Easy Vegan Taco Recipes

If I had to choose a favorite food, it might be tacos. As a vegan, you don’t have to miss out on this amazing dish. Today, we’ll cover a number … Read more

Easy Vegan Curry Recipes

31 Easy Vegan Curry Recipes

For many people, curry is comfort food. It’s warm, hearty, and satisfying. These easy vegan curry recipes are the best of the best. You’re sure to find something new to … Read more

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