About Easy Vegan Recipes

Alice Sanders - Easy Vegan Recipes

I’ll give you three guesses what this site, Easy Vegan Recipes, is about. 😉

We look to make your next vegan dish quicker, easier, and more tasty!

On this site we provide easy access to tasty recipes, many plant based, and all 100% vegan.

So who’s the team?

Well first you have myself, Alice Sanders, day to day operator of this site.

Growing up in a meat-eating household, my transition to veganism was a gradual one. Studying catering in my hometown of Lincoln (Nebraska), animals being food was the norm for me. But one chance encounter with a vegan changed all that, and got me looking into the repercussions of the meat and dairy industries.

Now, I’d love to say turning vegan happened overnight. But being in a catering course with a heavy emphasis on animal products, and having eaten meat and dairy my whole life, the shift was gradual.

But I’m happy to say, I’m now 100% vegan, and have been for a number of years.

After completing my catering course at college, I worked at a few restaurants while taking supplementary food related courses. These restaurants were mainly vegetarian ones initially, but then exclusively vegan, before ending up in England at a vegan restaurant called Vertigo.

And this is when the pandemic hit. Vertigo shut down, and like many, I moved back to Nebraska as soon as I could.

While the restaurant industry was well and truly at a standstill, I decided to take my exploration of vegan food online and started this site Easy Vegan Recipes.

We’ll be getting more authors to share their recipes, stories and helpful tips soon; as soon as we do we’ll share their details on this page.

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