23 Easy Vegan Eggnog Recipes

Easy Vegan Eggnog Recipes

Eggnog is a classic, festive holiday drink to enjoy in the colder months. However, vegans can’t always enjoy this traditional delicacy. The main ingredients in eggnog are a custard made with egg and dairy and more dairy. Luckily, plenty of innovative vegan chefs have come up with tasty, festive, and cruelty-free alternatives to this delicious holiday beverage.

Below, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of our favorite renditions of vegan eggnog. These drinks pair fantastically with vegan cookies or even vegan brownies.

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19 Easy Vegan Hot Chocolate Recipes

Easy Vegan Hot Chocolate Recipes

Are you looking to try out a vegan diet but can’t quite bring yourself to eliminate your favorite wintertime drink? If you want to make sure you can still enjoy a delicious cup of hot chocolate when the cold weather hits, don’t worry. These easy vegan hot chocolate recipes will make you question whether you’ve accidentally made the real thing.

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