31 Easy Vegan Royal Icing Recipes

Easy Vegan Royal Icing Recipes

Royal icing is perfect for decorating sugar cookies, birthday cakes, and countless other tasty treats. Whether you’re whipping up a strawberry shortcake, icing Christmas cookies, or frosting a birthday cake, you’ll want this silky smooth concoction in your arsenal. These easy vegan royal icing recipes include a multitude of variations that let anyone, regardless of … Read more

35 Easy Vegan Pie Recipes

Easy Vegan Pie Recipes

Following a plant-based vegan diet doesn’t mean giving up any flavors or textures you enjoy, thanks to so many creative recipes. You don’t have to give up desserts like cakes or pies.

Many of the following easy vegan pie recipes contain only a handful of ingredients to make them convenient enough for the busiest cooks. Some of these pies are perfect for making ahead for holidays or freezing for later.

Whether you only want to eat vegan or you have a special diet and need gluten-free, soy-free, or nut-free vegan pie recipes, you’ll find some vegan desserts here to enjoy.

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17 Easy Vegan Rice Pudding Recipes

Easy Vegan Rice Pudding Recipes

Rice pudding is the perfect treat on a cold winter day. This comfort food is sweet, spicey, rich, and creamy and is easily made vegan. The traditional Arroz con Leche uses milk, but plant-based milk is convenient to buy or make fresh at home.

Vegan rice pudding recipes use non-dairy milk, sugar or maple syrup, and rice. Make yours based on your preferences or the ingredients on hand. Serve with fresh fruit, dried berries, or raisins. Load it with cinnamon or leave it out; the choice is yours.

Rice pudding makes an amazing vegan breakfast treat to start your day on the right foot. Served hot or cold, you will also enjoy it for dessert and as a snack.

Check out these easy vegan rice pudding recipes that have been tasted, rated, and perfected. With step-by-step instructions and simple ingredients, your kitchen will smell delicious in no time.

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17 Easy Vegan Tiramisu Recipes

Easy Vegan Tiramisu Recipes

Being vegan doesn’t mean that you have to forgo delicious desserts like tiramisu. With a little bit of creativity and inspiration, you can add a whole slew of recipes to your baking repertoire.

So whether you’re looking to fine-tune your tried and true recipes or discover some new ones, check out these easy vegan tiramisu recipes that anyone can make at home.

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