99 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes

Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes

Planning dinner can be a struggle, and that’s only more true with the vegan lifestyle. So if you need some easy vegan dinner recipes that will satisfy your hunger, this list is here to help.

We’ve found recipes in a wide range of categories, including:

  • Healthy
  • Low-carb
  • Gluten-free
  • Kid-friendly
  • …and more!

It’s safe to say there’s something here for everyone. Even if you’re not a vegan, you’ll likely find something on this list that you’ll enjoy!

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27 Easy Vegan Veggie Burger Recipes

Easy Vegan Veggie Burger Recipes

Vegan veggie burgers are delicious, packed with plant-based protein, and relatively easy to assemble. You can top them however you want! You can use different veggies and condiments or eat them as is.

Contrary to popular belief, not all veggie burgers are vegan. If you’re craving a delicious homemade, you need to check out these superb vegan veggie burger recipes.

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19 Easy Vegan Egg Roll Recipes

Easy Vegan Egg Roll Recipes

If you’re living that vegan life, you might be wondering if good Asian cuisine is no longer an option for your daily diet. Maybe you liked crispy egg roll in some delightful dipping sauce, but the egg part is no longer an option.

The good news is that you can make a vegan version without too much trouble. With these easy vegan egg roll recipes, you’ll be living your best vegan life.

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30 Easy Vegan Dumplings Recipes

Easy Vegan Dumplings Recipes

Dumplings are an incredibly versatile dish. You’ll find nearly every country has its take on dumplings. From wontons to ravioli, we love all types of dumplings.

Making vegan dumplings is surprisingly easy. You can substitute a wide range of vegetables, beans, and proteins for the meat inside the dumplings. Most dumping wrappers are already vegan and need only a few ingredients.

Today, we’ll take you on a trip around the world and look our the best, easy vegan recipes for you to enjoy.

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19 Easy Vegan Fried Chicken Recipes

Easy Vegan Fried Chicken Recipes

Still enjoy the flavor of fried chicken but want to do so without any chickens having to suffer for it? Well you’re in the right place! Below we have some mouth-watering recipes that’ll give you the same familiar taste without any animal products!

Whether it’s seitan, oyster mushrooms, tofu or other, we’ve plenty of tasty ingredients to substitute for real chicken.

So let’s get started; here are some amazingly delicious and easy vegan fried chicken recipes you can cook today.

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41 Easy Vegan Tamales Recipes

Easy Vegan Tamales Recipes

While tamales traditionally contain lard in the masa mix, it is easy to make them vegan by using vegetable shortening as the fat source. Countless plant-based filling options can provide you with an amazing vegan bite. From mushrooms to beans to fruit, you are sure to love the experience of making and eating the results of these vegan tamales recipes.

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29 Easy Vegan Soup Recipes

Easy Vegan Soup Recipes

Soup is incredibly versatile, from satisfying ramen to hearty chilis.

The number of easy vegan soup recipes available is inspiring. But they aren’t all vegetable-based, like split pea soup or pumpkin soup. Vegans can still enjoy hearty dishes like cheeseburger or wonton soup!

Check out these delicious and easy vegan soup recipes you need to try!

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