17 Easy Vegan Waffle Recipes

Easy Vegan Waffle Recipes

Waffles are a classic breakfast food. They can be soft like pancakes or crisp, sweet, or savory. Since going vegan, have you been missing waffles? Or did you just have some amazing waffles at a vegan cafe and want to try making them at home? It’s surprisingly easy to make vegan waffles.

While it’s fairly easy to substitute margarine for butter and use your favorite milk substitute in a recipe, making a regular recipe into a vegan breakfast doesn’t always turn out as you want. The texture can be strange, and it’s hard to sub anything for eggs successfully.

The good news is that there are hundreds of easy vegan waffle recipes on the internet, just waiting for you to try them! Here are seventeen of the best vegan waffle recipes you should consider adding to your cookbook. Happy waffling!

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18 Easy Vegan Gravy Recipes

Easy Vegan Gravy Recipes

Looking for some delicious vegan alternatives to traditional gravies? How about something more exciting, like some nice chocolate gravy or red-eye gravy? All of these delightful recipes are homemade and cost-effective.

This list has every recipe you could ask for! Quick recipes, long recipes, and obscure recipes, if it’s vegan, it’s on here. This is the perfect list for aspiring vegan cooks and their friends and families.

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17 Easy Vegan Pesto Recipes

Easy Vegan Pesto Recipes

What is better than the smell of fresh basil? Pesto sauce uses blended fragrant basil leaves for a creamy sauce that is the soul-mate to pasta dishes, vegan pizzas, and sandwiches.

Traditional pesto sauce uses cheese for a creamy texture. However, vegan pesto sauce recipes use creamy nuts and nutritional yeast for a cruelty-free version of this classic sauce.

Vegan pesto sauce is a versatile sauce that elevates a dish to the next level and is easy to whip up in no time. Use a high-speed blender or food processor and make your kitchen smell like a country-side Italian home.

Check out these easy vegan pesto recipes for plant-based variations of this delicious green sauce.

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