21 Easy Vegan Burrito Recipes

Burritos were invented at the beginning of the 20th century in Mexico and are now a staple of Mexican-American cuisine worldwide. And while burritos commonly have meat, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on them.

Here are some of the most delicious yet easy vegan burrito recipes we highly recommend trying out.

1. Vegan Breakfast Burritos by Rainbow Plant Life

Vegan Breakfast Burritos by Rainbow Plant Life

If you’ve recently become vegan, you may be missing your cheesy, sausage-loaded breakfast sandwich in the mornings. Thankfully, the vegans who came before you have worked hard to design animal product-free breakfast burritos that still fulfill your cravings.

You make this vegan breakfast burrito with nutty, eggy tofu and homemade vegan queso sauce. The recipe also includes crispy breakfast potatoes, avocado, and the hot sauce of your choice. The burrito can be made gluten-free by using corn or gluten-free tortillas and has a fresh, aromatic taste from the pico de gallo.

2. Black Bean Burrito by Vegan Heaven

Black Bean Burrito by Vegan Heaven

Black bean burritos are a staple of the vegan diet, and this recipe incorporates everything you need to make a delicious one. Mix seasoned green onions, black beans, and sweet corn with cooked brown rice, shredded lettuce, and vegan sour cream to make this classic and tasty vegan recipe.

To keep the recipe simple and fast, buy store-bought salsa and guacamole, and make your rice in the instant pot or rice cooker the night before. Prep your veggies beforehand if you have time, so when you’re ready to wrap everything up they’re ready to go.

3. Veggie Vegan Burrito by Simple Veganista

Veggie Vegan Burrito by Simple Veganista

The vegan veggie burrito by Simple Veganista has Mexican-inspired flavors and calls for a sofrito mix of beans and rice. Sofrito in Spanish means to lightly fry something, but the word refers to a Mexican blend of herbs and spices used often to season various dishes, the exact blend of sofrito herbs changes based on region and food type.

This veggie-packed vegan burrito is best for vegans trying to fit extra vegetables into their diet without sacrificing taste. The burrito also has a bit of a kick from the cumin, chili, chipotle powder, and diced green chilies. Make it even better with sliced avocado or guacamole.

4. Brown Rice Burrito by Nutriciously

Brown Rice Burrito by Nutriciously

This is one of the simplest burritos on our list. In only 15 minutes, you can make a tasty meal for lunch or dinner. The recipe calls for kidney beans, brown rice, diced tomato, and red bell pepper mixed with salt, pepper, and cayenne to give the burrito some flavor and serve enough for two.

On its own, the burrito isn’t very spicy, and you can make it completely mild (or kid-friendly) by leaving out the cayenne pepper. Serve it with chips and dip or with other Mexican-inspired dishes. You can also smother the burritos in salsa and bake them for just a few minutes.

5. BBQ Tempeh Burrito by The Stingy Vegan

BBQ Tempeh Burrito by The Stingy Vegan

Tempeh is an in-demand replacement for meat in vegan dishes and gets used in place of pork or beef. That makes it the perfect ingredient for this tempting and easy BBQ tempeh burrito. Not only is it uncomplicated, the entire recipe only costs about seven dollars to make and feeds four.

This BBQ tempeh burrito is a great way to use up any leftover rice and vegetables in your fridge. Combine the tempeh with your choice of vegetables and carbs for the most filling meal.

6. Chipotle Lime Burrito by Vegan Huggs

Chipotle Lime Burrito by Vegan Huggs

Citrus and spice are a delectable combination, especially in this hot and tangy chipotle lime burrito.

Using some leftover rice, create the cilantro lime rice that will be the base of your burrito. Then add some pico de gallo and seasoned chipotle lime black beans for a quick but tasty dish.

Top the burrito with hot sauce, a little bit of squeezed lime juice, and diced cilantro. You can add vegan cheese to the recipe and heat it in the microwave if you’re in the mood for something melty and warm.

7. Chile Bean Burrito by Veg Kitchen

Chile Bean Burrito by Veg Kitchen

This chile bean burrito recipe takes only 20 minutes to prep and 15 to cook. It feeds four to six people, so it’s fantastic for an easy family dinner or summertime lunch. It does include store-bought dairy-free cheese, so make sure you have some on hand before starting this recipe.

The chile bean burritos are ideal for a party appetizer or a paper bag lunch at work all week long. The serving size is eight burritos, so you’ll definitely have leftovers for the next day.

8. BBQ Jackfruit Burrito by Blissful Basil

BBQ Jackfruit Burrito by Blissful Basil

Jackfruit is a chewy, fleshy fruit used as an all-natural meat substitute in many vegan meals. The BBQ Jackfruit burrito is made with rice, chipotle sauce, and shredded red cabbage and makes a colorful, meatless option for your next BBQ or cookout.

The recipe makes four giant, restaurant-sized burritos. In addition, Blissful Basil includes the instructions for the creamy chipotle sauce as a part of the recipe, but you can buy store-bought vegan chipotle sauce if you don’t have the extra time to make it.

9. Easy Vegan CrunchWrap by Kathy’s Vegan Kitchen

Easy Vegan CrunchWrap by Kathy's Vegan Kitchen

Crunch Wraps were made popular by Taco Bell, but the toasted burrito trend hasn’t skipped the vegan community. To make this easy vegan crunch wrap, combine brown rice, black beans, the veggies of your choice, and a cup of vegan nacho cheese sauce. Toast on the skillet or in the air fryer.

Of course, a crunchwrap isn’t complete without a delicious dipping sauce, so pick up some salsa, guacamole, or hot sauce for your burrito. The crunch wraps toast perfectly with no greasy oil and leave behind minimal mess.

10. Beefy Vegan Burrito by Connoisseurus Veg

Beefy Vegan Burrito by Connoisseurus Veg

Next time you’re craving takeout, try making these meatless replicas of the classic beefy, cheesy bean burrito. They’re delicious and nutritious, easily saved in your freezer, and serve four when cooked. Double the recipe for birthday parties or an easy potluck contribution.

These “beefy” vegan burritos are made using minced seitan, a gluten-based meat substitute that’s full of protein. Combine the beans and seitan with garlic, tomato paste, onions, and vegan cheese to make a fast and tasty dish. While it may require a trip to the store, this burrito is well worth it.

11. Vegan Thai Burrito by Feasting at Home

Vegan Thai Burrito by Feasting at Home

Do you often crave a quick bite of Thai food but aren’t sure how to recreate the flavors? Then this vegan Thai burrito is perfect for you.

Using red curry paste, extra firm tofu, and shredded veggies, you can bring the feast to your table. The recipe’s marinade and peanut sauce add the perfect amount of punch to the dish.

These Thai burritos are packed with shredded cabbage, matchstick carrots, red bell pepper, and avocado. They prep and cook in under an hour and are high in natural fiber and vitamin C.

12. Freezer Breakfast Burrito by Emilie Eats

Freezer Breakfast Burrito by Emilie Eats

Freezer burritos are the king of easy-at-home meals, and these vegan breakfast burritos are perfect for stashing away in the icebox for a rainy morning.

The burrito has almost 15 grams of protein and little fat or sugars, plus the burritos can be quickly wrapped in tin foil and frozen for another day. Pull it out and reheat it in the oven or microwave when you’re ready to eat.

Extra-firm tofu replaces the animal product in the burrito, and nutritional yeast brings the cheesy flavor and egg-like taste. Make sure to finely chop your kale, and remove all stems before cooking.

13. Vegan Sheet Pan Burrito by Nora Cooks

Vegan Sheet Pan Burrito by Nora Cooks

This simple “chicken” burrito is made on a sheet pan, giving you time to clean up or relax while everything cooks at once. After seasoning your tofu and veggies, lay them out on the sheet pan and cook everything together in your oven.

Each burrito gets tofu and veggies, plus whatever else you’d like to add. I enjoy adding potatoes or brown rice to make the burrito a bit bigger.

Before coating it in spices and cooking, rip the pressed tofu into bite-sized pieces. Ripping the tofu instead of cutting it gives it a chicken-like look once it’s cooked through.

14. Samosa Wrap Burrito by Vegan Richa

Samosa Wrap Burrito by Vegan Richa

Samosas are a favored street food and snack on the Indian subcontinent, and this recipe brings those flavors into an easy-to-make burrito.

Use spiced chickpeas, savory, spicy potatoes, diced tomato and onion, and any leafy green you enjoy. The recipe makes four large wraps and takes 35 minutes total.

These samosa burritos are dairy-free, meat-free, nut-free, and soy-free and can easily be made gluten-free by using a gluten-free or corn tortilla as the wrap. Pair them with the chutney of your choice or any other sauce you like.

15. Vegan Collard Green Burrito by Minimalist Baker

Vegan Collard Green Burrito by Minimalist Baker

Lettuce wraps are a common option for vegans who want a gluten-free or all-veggie burrito. This recipe makes a collard green burrito, but you can make burritos using any type of salad greens you like. It also calls for vegan cheese and raw walnut taco “meat,” a well-liked pork replica.

Raw walnut taco meat can be purchased online or at the grocery store. It can also be made using Minimalist Baker’s easy recipe. Vegan collard green burritos are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut safe.

In addition, the burritos include a large amount of vitamin A, potassium, and healthy proteins.

16. Easy Vegan Sushi Burrito by My Goodness Kitchen

Easy Vegan Sushi Burrito by My Goodness Kitchen

Sushi burritos are made with nori, and edible seaweed pressed into a thin sheet after it’s been shredded.

You can find nori at any Asian market, your local health food store, and even some major grocery retailers like Whole Foods and Walmart. Make sure you’re not allergic to nori before consuming it by trying a small piece first and waiting a few hours.

This sushi burrito with crispy tofu brings the best sushi flavors into an easy-to-eat wrap. It looks fun too! Mix sushi rice with rice vinegar, sugar, and salt, and wrap in nori with crispy firm tofu, chipotle mayonnaise, and vegan kimchi. Dip them in soy sauce or your favorite dipping sauce.

17. Smothered Vegan Burrito by Create Mindfully

Smothered Vegan Burrito by Create Mindfully

Smothered burritos are a great choice for dinner and are relatively easy to make.

Simply make the enchilada sauce with tomato, chili powder, cumin, garlic and onion powder, Mexican oregano, and low sodium vegetable broth. The sauce will be mildly spicy, so add more heat here if you prefer spicy food.

Then, combine the cooked rice, spicy black beans, chopped red pepper, spices, and vegan cheese. Pour some enchilada sauce into your pan and wrap the ingredients in a tortilla. This recipe calls for gluten-free tortillas – and set them in your baking dish.

Bake for 18 minutes, broiling at the end to melt the vegan cheese, and enjoy the savory taste of this spicy burrito.

18. Sweet Potato Kale Burrito by Lettuce Veg Out

Sweet Potato Kale Burrito by Lettuce Veg Out

Sweet potatoes are loaded with protein, vitamin A and necessary dietary fiber, which makes them a superfood for vegans worried about getting enough nutrition.

This burrito can be made with next to no skill and only includes four major ingredients that are common in grocery stores.

The recipe calls for roasted sweet potato, vegan refried beans, chopped kale, and vegan sour cream, which you can also make homemade.

The beans are flavored with onion and garlic powder, nutritional yeast, cumin, and smoked paprika. The recipe serves four large burritos in only an hour total.

19. Mung Bean Egg Burrito by Bite my Bun

Mung Bean Egg Burrito by Bite my Bun

Just Egg is a vegan egg company dedicated to making the best fake egg on the market. The product is often used to replace scrambled eggs and can be seasoned with anything you have on hand.

This Mung bean egg burrito is an easy, natural, vegan take on a well-known East Asian dish.

The Mung bean comes from the Indian subcontinent, East and Southeast Asia. It’s used in sweet and savory dishes worldwide and has a flavor and texture that is similar to tofu.

Combined with Just Egg, the Mung bean makes this breakfast burrito a must-try for anyone looking for a quick and healthy meal.

20. White Bean Baked Burrito by One Green Planet

White Bean Baked Burrito by One Green Planet

While baking your burrito may sound strange, these covered baked white bean burritos are filling and nutritious. They are served six at a time.

This recipe is full of dietary fiber, whole wheat grains, and chopped vegetables like mushrooms, red onion, garlic corn, and bell peppers of any color. However, it does use a few more dishes than other recipes.

To make the white bean baked burrito sauce, combine garlic powder, cilantro flakes, cumin, and tomato sauce. Pour or brush the sauce over your finished and rolled burritos, and bake them in the oven for 25 minutes.

You can add hot sauce, avocado, or guacamole to the top of your burrito for extra flavor.

21. Vegan Pizza Pockets by Vegan Food and Living

Vegan Pizza Pockets by Vegan Food and Living

Last but certainly not least are these homemade vegan pizza pocket burritos. They make a great substitute for the fatty and greasy microwave pizza pockets or even a slice of meaty pizza.

The recipe serves four but can be easily dialed up for party appetizers or lunches for the kids.

These vegan pocket burritos are made with, you guessed it, extra firm tofu, a must-have for any vegan worth their salt. They also include vegan mozzarella cheese, which can be found at your local healthy grocery store.

Altogether with pizza sauce and fresh basil, these mini pizza burritos are sure to be a family favorite.

Easy Vegan Burrito Recipes, Final Thoughts

This list should be able to help you narrow down which easy vegan burrito recipe is right for you. Or maybe it’s given you a dozen new vegan burrito recipes to add to your “want to try” list.

Either way, pick whichever recipes caught your eye and enjoy exploring the different flavors. And if you are in the mood for something to satisfy your sweet tooth, check out these vegan cake recipes.

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