13 Easy Vegan Fried Rice Recipes

Fried rice is one of the best ways to get rid of those leftovers in your refrigerator and put a hearty meal on the table.

These easy vegan fried rice recipes are anything but ordinary and will undoubtedly become family favorites.

1. Easy Vegan Fried Rice by The Minimalist Baker

Easy Vegan Fried Rice by The Minimalist Baker

As the name suggests, this is one easy vegan fried rice recipe, and depending on how good your knife skills are, you can have it on the plate within about an hour from start to finish. The recipe also makes a fairly generous portion, so you can either share it or keep it all for yourself.

The Minimalist Baker suggests that you use ten essential ingredients, although you can always add or subtract vegetables as needed. Basically, one of the best parts about stirfries is that they use up everything in your refrigerator, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

One thing that the Minimalist Baker definitely suggests that you do is to clean your rice correctly. Double wash it and rinse thoroughly before starting. You can also raise or lower the spice level depending on your preferences to truly make this stirfry your own. It’s a simple, healthy, and nutritious weekday dinner idea that will help you to use up leftover veggies.

If you want to really make the dish special, consider adding some fresh vegetables on top for additional crunch and flavor.

2. Best Vegan Fried Rice by Short Girl Tall Order

Best Vegan Fried Rice by Short Girl Tall Order

Short Girl Tall Order’s vegan fried rice mimics a lot of the flavors of take-out rice, just wholly cruelty-free! Plus, you won’t be spending the big bucks on restaurant food when you whip up a batch of this vegan fried rice that you can have on your plate in about half an hour.

One of the keys to success is using the proper rice Sushi-grade rice is ideal and lends the fried rice a nice consistency. Another thing that infuses this rice with tons of fantastic flavor and richness is vegan butter. You can use whatever kind that you have in your pantry, but just make sure that you don’t leave it out.

To make matters even easier, you can use either fresh or frozen vegetables and some heartier fresh ones like diced carrots. Furikake seasoning gives the dish a great kick, courtesy of some dried seaweed woven into the mix, and will give the dish a salty boost that’s very healthy and never overpowering.

3. Vegan Fried Rice by Simple Vegan Blog

Vegan Fried Rice by Simple Vegan Blog

If you want a bowl of vegan fried rice that’s not too heavy or intense, check out this offering from Simple Vegan Blog. It’s light enough to enjoy as a tasty lunch or a low-key dinner and tastes perfect any time of the year. Plus, it’s super simple to make, and you will be enjoying it in about half an hour.

All you need to perfect this tasty vegan fried rice are eight simple ingredients, and Simple Vegan Blog walks you through every step of the way. It’s foolproof, even if you’ve never made fried rice before in your life.

Since the recipe is so easy, this vegan fried rice is a great dish to cook with children to introduce them to the joys of cooking. Just make sure that you assign them kid-friendly tasks, like stirring, and do all of the chopping yourself.

There are a few things to keep in mind, like following the rice cooking instructions to the letter. Overcooked or soupy rice will give you a texturally unpleasant stir fry. You can also cut a few corners by using canned peas instead of frozen or fresh.

Finally, make sure you don’t forget to add in the green onions at the end. It’s a small step, but it really does make all of the difference in this dish. Green onions are a mainstay in Asian cuisine, so the addition of this ingredient makes the fried rice all the more authentic.

4. Vegan Fried Rice by Nora Cooks

Vegan Fried Rice by Nora Cooks

Nora Cooks Vegan Fried Rice is an ultra-easy way to get dinner on your table in about 20 minutes. It’s also one of those recipes that helps you clean out your refrigerator and make a great meal that everyone in your family will absolutely love.

One of the genius aspects of this recipe is how Nora Cooks uses firm tofu in place of eggs, mimicking the texture and flavor of the original dish.

Similarly, nutritional yeast kicks the umami flavor into high gear, and frozen peas and pre-chopped carrots make the prep work for this one as easy as possible. Finally, fragrant sesame oil is the cherry on top and truly ties the entire dish together in exciting and delicious ways.

If you’ve been missing fried rice since going vegan, this dish will help you rediscover it in a cruelty-free fashion. So switch up your dinner routine and get this one on the table tonight. You won’t regret it, and it will probably become one of your favorite weeknight dishes.

5. Vegan Fried Rice by the Lazy Cat Kitchen

Vegan Fried Rice by the Lazy Cat Kitchen

If you’re looking for some tasty food that also delivers a nice healthy dose of leafy green vegetables, Lazy Cat Kitchen totally has you covered. As with many of the other recipes on our list, this one lets you clean out your fridge while enjoying a delicious meal and getting your five vegetables in per day. It’s a total win.

One of the things that sets the Lazy Cat Kitchen’s recipe apart from the rest is that it tastes equally delicious hot or cold so that you can take it with you into the office with no problems. You can also prepare the dish in advance and heat it up slowly, so it’s also a great meal for busy weeknights at home.

The thing that gives this Vegan Fried Rice its special kick is maple syrup. The maple syrup provides the rice with a nuanced flavor that plays well with the Siracha sauce and loads of veggies. Just make sure that you only use a little bit to avoid overwhelming the dish with too much maple flavor. Measure it out, and you will be good to go.

6. Vegan Fried Rice by Loving It Vegan

Vegan Fried Rice by Loving It Vegan

Loving It Vegan’s tasty vegan fried rice gets a special little kick from roasted, salted cashews and fresh spring onions. It’s a beautifully balanced dish that you’ll want to work into your regular rotation.

In addition to your standard soy sauce, Loving It Vegan suggests that you add in a tiny bit of green curry paste to bring all of the flavors into the forefront. The result is a dish that tastes like one you would get at a restaurant. And with such minimal ingredients, you’ll only be paying a fraction of the price.

Other than the base, feel free to experiment, flavor-wise. Loving It Vegan suggests that you use a blend of frozen vegetables of your choice and a robust hit of sesame oil. You can also crown your rice with fresh vegetables at the end if you so choose.

Try topping your vegan fried rice with some chiffonade, fresh herbs, or artfully sliced cucumber rounds to make it special-occasion or company-worthy.

7. Vegan Fried Rice with Tofu by Choosing Chia

Vegan Fried Rice with Tofu by Choosing Chia

This Vegan Fried Rice with scrambled tofu is a healthy take on traditional fried rice that is loaded with veggies, edamame beans, and turmeric scrambled tofu instead of eggs! Enjoy this protein-loaded veggie dish for dinner or as a side! It’s customizable and perfect for serving on a busy weeknight.

One of the best aspects of this vegan fried rice is that you can make it in advance and keep all of the components in your refrigerator for several days. In addition to using any different types of vegetables that you want, you can also use whatever rice that you have on hand too.

Fresh green onions are a great garnish, and you can serve this meal as an excellent main course or a side dish. It’s great for the kids, too, because it’s super tasty but also incredibly healthy at the same time.

8. 20-Minute Vegan Fried Rice by Connoisseurs Veg

20-Minute Vegan Fried Rice by Connoisseurs Veg

If you’re in a hurry, this 20-minute vegan fried rice is exactly the meal that you’ve been waiting for. It comes together quickly, and you’ll have a nutritious meal on the table in a fraction of the time that it takes to order delivery. You don’t need to be an exceptional cook to pull this dish off, either. All you need to do is be able to chop up some vegetables.

As with many of the different fried rice options on our list, Connoisseurs Veg’s lets you customize the dish to fit your tastes. Although they recommend peanut oil, you can certainly swap in others if you’d like. For example, avocado oil lends a delicious new flavor profile to the dish.

This recipe is also a great way to use up the leftover rice that you might have lying around your kitchen. Leftover rice is a little bit dryer than fresh rice, so it sticks together and adheres to the ingredients better.

9. Vegetable Fried Rice by Kathy’s Vegan Kitchen

Vegetable Fried Rice by Kathy's Vegan Kitchen

Kathy’s Vegan Kitchen’s vegetable fried rice is super delicious and also incredibly healthy for you. If you want to up the nutritional aspect of the dish, use brown rice instead of white rice for an additional nutrient boost. One of the most extraordinary things about this fried rice is that it doesn’t call for any extra oil or fat, so you can enjoy it guilt-free.

Kathy’s Vegan Kitchen’s dish is loaded with plenty of suggested vegetables, but you can always swap them out for anything that you have in your refrigerator. Suggested veggies include peppers, broccoli, cabbage, and carrots.

Just remember that if you use frozen veggies, they have a slightly longer cooking time than fresh ones and can contain a higher water content, so make sure that you plan accordingly. Otherwise, consider this recipe to be a great way to empty out your refrigerator and get a hearty, nice meal on the table in just a few minutes.

10. Vegan Tofu Fried Rice by Great British Chefs

Vegan Tofu Fried Rice by Great British Chefs

If you love gourmet fried rice but miss the eggy component in vegan fried rice dishes, this option from Great British Chefs is right up your alley. Instead of eggs, Great British Chefs use creamy tofu. Throw in an inventive spice mixture, and you have a fantastic dish that tastes authentic but is totally cruelty-free.

The key here is black salt, which has a little bit more of an umami flavor and lends a touch more authenticity to the dish. You can generally find it at specialty stores, and it really does make all of the difference. Although you can certainly enjoy this dish all on its own, Great British Chefs suggest that you pair it with some kimchi for additional flavor.

Other than the salt, you’ll also need some turmeric and fresh coriander to brighten things up nicely. Ginger works well too. Otherwise, just use the regular veggies that you would incorporate into a stirfry, like carrots, celery, and onion.

Serve with lime and a sprinkle of sesame seeds, and you have a memorable, delicious dish.

11. Vegan Fried Rice by Bites of Beri

Vegan Fried Rice by Bites of Beri

If you’re looking for a quick, tasty, and easy meal that uses everything that you have lying around in your refrigerator, this option by Bites of Beri fits the bill. It comes together in a flash, and you won’t have to make any mid-recipe grocery store runs to put it all together.

As with most of the vegan fried rice options on our list, Bites of Beri calls for leftover rice because it has a better consistency than fresh rice, so put this one on the menu for the next time that you have extra rice from take-out. Bites of Beri suggests that your rice be cold and straight out of the refrigerator for the best results.

After you have your rice, the rest is up to you. You can use red peppers, peas, carrots, and everything else that you have on hand. Toss in some fresh vegetables for visual interest and texture.

One thing that the recipe cautions against is forgetting to add in enough ginger and garlic. These two things really do make your dish sing, so add them liberally and to taste.

12. Vegan Indonesian Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng) by Avant-Garde Vegan

Vegan Indonesian Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng) by Avant-Garde Vegan

This Indonesian take on fried rice uses up some vegetables in your fridge and provides you with an incredible meal that the whole family will love.

Although you can skip the cashew nuts, they do offer a lot of flavor and textural nuance to the dish, so ultimately, you’re better off including them if possible; if you don’t like cashews, simply swap them out for a different type of nut.

One of the key ways that you can make this dish great is by ensuring that your peas are fully defrosted and drained. Frozen or overly wet peas can mess with the dish’s consistency and make your fried rice a little bit soupy. Also, red onion adds a signature bite that you won’t get with other varieties, so try to include that too.

You can also use any vegan protein that you want. For example, tofu works well, or you can swap in faux chicken or beef. Lemongrass and lime definitely take the dish to the next level but can be overpowering, so make sure that you add them to taste.

13. Vegan Fried Rice by Nugget Market

Vegan Fried Rice by Nugget Market

Nugget Market’s vegan fried rice is another excellent way to clean out your fridge and get a balanced meal in no time.

Unlike other recipes on our list, this one calls for an egg alternative. You can use whatever vegan egg alternative that you’d like. Additionally, water chestnuts add a satisfying crunch and give this recipe a very lovely exotic flavor.

Celery adds a nice, neutral crunch too, and the carrots add a little bit of heft to the recipe. You can also toss in some fresh vegetables at the end to really up the wow factor, and definitely do not miss the cilantro on top. It adds another dimension to the dish and ties everything together well.

One thing that you really do need to take into consideration is how long you’re cooking your vegetables. Follow the instructions and cook each vegetable in order to avoid mushy or overcooked vegetables.

These delicious vegan fried rice dishes will give you all of the fried rice flavors without any guilt. Even non-vegans will absolutely love sampling them and won’t miss the egg or other dairy products that you usually find in fried rice. So if you’re looking for cruelty-free options with a satisfying crunch, plenty of flavors, and all of the vegetables that you need in your diet, try one of these on for size.

Easy Vegan Fried Rice, Final Thoughts

These vegan fried rice dishes are easy to make, fit for the whole family, and can use up all of the ingredients in your refrigerator.

One of the best aspects of fried rice is that you can customize it to your tastes. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different flavor combinations to create a unique dish.

Looking for more dinner ideas? Try these tasty vegan curries or a big, steaming bowl of vegan ramen. Both options have big, bold flavors and tons of good-for-you veggies with absolutely no meat or dairy products. 

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