18 Easy Vegan Gravy Recipes

Looking for some delicious vegan alternatives to traditional gravies? How about something more exciting, like some nice chocolate gravy or red-eye gravy? All of these delightful recipes are homemade and cost-effective.

This list has every recipe you could ask for! Quick recipes, long recipes, and obscure recipes, if it’s vegan, it’s on here. This is the perfect list for aspiring vegan cooks and their friends and families.

1. Vegan Brown Onion Gravy by My Pure Plants

Vegan Brown Onion Gravy by My Pure Plants

Brown gravy. It’s what most people think of when they hear the word gravy. Delicious, rich, and savory.

This vegan brown gravy is surprisingly quick and simple to make. It will take about twenty minutes to make. It’s also perfect for a quick last-minute dinner.

Emese and Nandi’s recipe uses thyme, rosemary, and either low sodium soy sauce or tamari to boost its taste. You’ll be impressed how such an easy recipe can add so much to a meal.

2. Vegan Sausage Gravy by Michelle Blackwood, RN

Vegan Sausage Gravy by Michelle Blackwood, RN

Vegan sausage gravy might sound too good to be true, but this recipe will have even meat fanatics asking for seconds.

And ask for seconds they can! This recipe will last up to three days when it is stored and is good for six servings. It’s rich, thick, and great over vegan biscuits for a hearty breakfast.

Just cook your vegan sausage golden-brown on all sides, then slice it up and mix it with the flour and nutritional yeast flakes. Next, pour in your almond milk. Vegan sausage gravy is also the perfect topping for vegan biscuits.

Plenty of brands offer vegan sausages. Beyond Meat Beyond Sausage products and Lightlife Vegetarian Sausage both taste excellent in this dish.

3. Southern Vegan Cream Gravy by Chuck Underwood

Southern Vegan Cream Gravy by Chuck Underwood

Southern gravies are savory dishes with a regional charm. They’re classic to the American diet. And this recipe gives us a delicious vegan option for the dish. 

This gravy takes about thirty minutes to make, but it’s worth every second. It makes good use of unsweetened plant milk and rubbed sage.

You can also use some tamari to give this recipe a nice umami flavor. The finished product is warm and thick.

Underwood’s secret ingredient is dry potato flakes. He recommends Bob’s Red Mill products. These should be stirred in when the mixture thickens.

4. Super Simple Vegan Gravy

Super Simple Vegan Gravy

Looking for a quick recipe that’s both simple and filling? Alissa Saenz has you covered. Her vegan gravy is an excellent topping for Thanksgiving dinner.

This brown gravy emulates the taste of real turkey gravy. It does this with a blend of spices that create a brilliantly seasoned final result.

If you like soy sauce and vegan Worcestershire sauce, you’re in luck. You can also add diced, sweated onion if you want some extra flavor.

Most importantly, be sure to add poultry seasoning. This helps give it its authentic Thanksgiving taste. The seasoning does not contain poultry but leaves a very convincing taste.

5. Vegan Chocolate Gravy

Vegan Chocolate Gravy

Don’t be thrown off. Chocolate gravy is a beloved dish in the Southern states. It’s even lovelier on top of a vegan biscuit.

Using five main ingredients, this gravy turns out to be sweet, chocolatey, and unique. Chocolate gravy is a creative take and certainly satisfying to the taste buds. It’s not every day you get to eat something this rich.

The magic of vegan chocolate gravy comes from cocoa powder. Mixed with a quarter cup plus a tablespoon of maple syrup, this meal goes perfect with desserts or bread.

Shane & Simple has done it again with this delightfully dark vegan spin on an underappreciated type of gravy.

6. Perfect Vegan Gravy by Michaela Vais

Perfect Vegan Gravy by Michaela Vais

Looking for something plentiful to last you a few days? Michaela Vais’ recipe for the perfect vegan gravy provides up to 7 servings and lasts up to 5 days.

Michaela’s recipe is savory, flavorful, and excellent for large meals. It’s full of fresh herbs as well. The secret here, however, is in the texture.

Blending the gravy is key to its smoothness. It has a nice soft texture, which is awesome when paired with vegan mashed potatoes. Vegan meatballs are also delicious when coated with this perfect vegan gravy.

You should also use dried mushrooms with the dish. Dried mushrooms are optional but give the gravy a nice taste.

7. Vegan Mushroom Make-Ahead Gravy by Melissa Clark

Vegan Mushroom Make-Ahead Gravy by Melissa Clark

No list is complete without some hearty mushroom gravy. This recipe by Melissa Clark is a must-have for vegans.

The recipe uses many piquant ingredients that mix quite well. Salt and soy sauce add a tang to the overall gravy. Of course, it wouldn’t be mushroom make-ahead gravy without mushrooms.

Caramelized mushrooms are a tasty vegan ingredient for most recipes, but they come in handy in Melissa’s. These mushrooms match well with the rich, juicy taste of the gravy itself. 

This dish is delicious when reheated as well. So you have something great to look forward to the day after you make it.

8. Best Ever Vegan Gravy (Gluten-Free) by Detoxinista

Best Ever Vegan Gravy (Gluten-Free) by Detoxinista

Coming in at number eight, we have a gluten-free, vegan recipe. Gluten-free meals are big these days. Many Americans have a gluten allergy and are unaware. Recognizing that is key to living a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy alternatives for gravy are harder to come by. That’s why this recipe is so unique. It’s both delicious and a healthier option than many other recipes.

This gluten-free gravy is a tasty dish that only takes 20 minutes to make. Use a gluten-free flour blend to get the sauce nice and thick. Do not use need starches or flour for this recipe. Use mushrooms, garlic, onions, potatoes, and tamari.

 For soy-free, try using coconut aminos. This dish is both healthy and delicious. It may even fool some of your meat-eating friends and relatives.

9. Red Wine Vegan Gravy by A Virtual Vegan

Red Wine Vegan Gravy by A Virtual Vegan

Red gravy sounds unheard of, but it is real! Not only is it real, but this recipe is also an absolute treat for large gatherings and can be made right at home.

Vegan red wine gravy is something special. The wine gives it a rich and unique taste that everyone should try. You can also use white wine if you prefer the taste.

It’s a beautiful sight to see, especially flowing over a stack of golden mashed potatoes. Red wine gravy is bright red and tastes even better than it looks. You can even use a bit of cranberry sauce in the mix if you want to make it rock.

The meal is perfect for holiday meals, especially on Christmas Eve. The taste is rich and only increases in potency the longer it is stored. You can save it for four days, and Melanie recommends giving it a little while to sit.

10. Vegan BrownVegan Gravy by Loving It Vegan

Vegan BrownVegan Gravy by Loving It Vegan

This tasteful and simple recipe for vegan gravy goes well with many meals! It takes about thirty minutes to make and is served best on vegan nut roast or meatloaf.

Start by sauteing some onions and vegan butter. Pour in your mix and add some pepper while it simmers. This gravy uses coconut milk for additional flavor.

Coconut milk is a great vegan alternative to dairy milk. You can also use soy milk instead if you prefer the taste. You have a lot of flexibility here with this recipe.

Finally, add your soy sauce. Alison recommends using dark soy sauce because it gives off a rich flavor. The sauce also looks mouthwatering and deep.

11. Biscuits and Vegetarian Red-Eye Gravy by Blue Kitchen

Biscuits and Vegetarian Red-Eye Gravy by Blue Kitchen

Red Eye gravy is a traditional topping in many southern households. Unfortunately, there aren’t many vegan alternatives to this tasty dish. Luckily, Blue Kitchen is here to save the day with its recipe for red-eye biscuits and gravy.

Red-eye gravy has its roots in a legend surrounding president Andrew Jackson. It’s a dark red coffee that relies mostly on coffee grinds and ham for its taste. Use vegan substitutes in place of the ham.

Use a third of a cup of strong black coffee to give it its red-eye reputation. You can also add portobello mushrooms, fennel seeds, and a quarter teaspoon of dried thyme and red pepper flakes to liven it up a bit.

Don’t be afraid to throw in a little sugar. Fresh portobellos also go well with this gravy, as the two savory tastes combine into one.

12. Parsnip and Porcini Gravy by Maria Elia

Parsnip and Porcini Gravy by Maria Elia

Do you want something tangy? Parsnip and porcini gravy is a savory type of gravy that is excellent for mushrooms, vegan sausages, and vegan meatloaf. Chef Maria’s recipe is truly something.

Maria originally made this recipe for vegan Wellington, given how well the two flavors mesh. If you ever want to convince somebody you don’t need meat to create a savory flavor, serve them this dish.

You will need a sliced shallot and one finely sliced parsnip as your main ingredients in this gravy. It’s well seasoned, well simmered, and the final product certainly fills you up.

Maria recommends that you make the gravy about two days ahead and reheat it when you are ready to enjoy. Before cooking, make sure you have vegetable stock flour, onion powder, garlic, and vegetable bouillon. Parsnip and porcini gravy is a dish best served hot.

13. Vegan Buttermilk Biscuits and Country Gravy by Simple Veganista

Vegan Buttermilk Biscuits and Country Gravy by Simple Veganista

Everybody loves the soft, rich taste of buttermilk biscuits. Vegans are no different! Simple Veganista is here with an excellent, doughy breakfast recipe for you and your family.

Cashew milk, nutmeg, and vegan butter do most of the heavy lifting in this recipe. The ingredients all blend to cook a delicious gravy, the ultimate vegan breakfast. And you can easily find vegan biscuits in stores and farmer’s markets.

The seasoning mixes well with the doughy taste of the biscuit. The seasoning mixes well with the doughy taste of the biscuit. A tasteful combination forms in your mouth, as it is both savory and soft.

Simple Veganista recommends you start cooking with the gravy first. You should save the biscuits until the gravy is complete. This meal goes well with tofu scrambles and pancakes as well.

14. Easy Vegan Gravy by Nora Cooks

Easy Vegan Gravy by Nora Cooks

Sometimes, time is of the essence. Nora Cooks has a recipe you’ll love when you’re watching the kids or getting ready for work. This five-minute recipe is both flavorful and versatile.

Don’t let the time limit fool you, as it’s without a doubt an appetizing topping. Easy vegan gravy goes well with most traditional meals. It’s especially great for potato wedges and vegan french fries.

Nora’s gravy is made without butter and oil but still ends up thick and easy on the taste buds. For such a short cooking time, it’s impressively satisfying. It can serve up to eight people.

Next time you’re barbecuing and looking for a vegan side, try Nora’s recipe. You’ll find that it is as pleasant to eat as it is to cook.

15. Tomato and Cranberry Gravy by Vegetarian Society

Tomato and Cranberry Gravy by Vegetarian Society

Tomato and Cranberry Gravy is a milder, sweeter gravy that is good with fried onions. It’s a recipe that can be eaten with appetizers or used as a heavy topping if cooked thick enough.

This gravy is special for its vegetable bases. Garlic, celery, onion, and tomato are all stirred in a deep pan. Most importantly, you should add tomatoes to the pan, the recipe’s namesake.

Tomatoes in gravy? That’s right, tomatoes in gravy. Vegan tomato gravy starts as a roux and can be cooked as thick or thin as you want it. Make sure to puree it through a blender to get it as smooth as possible, and nobody wants lumpy gravy.

If you love nut-free vegan diets, this is both the healthiest and most appropriate choice for you. This gravy is very dependent on vegetables and is a must-have for health freaks! It stands out the strongest when topped onto vegan lunches and dinners, like tofu.

16. Vegan Gravy by Rainbow Plant Life

Vegan Gravy by Rainbow Plant Life

To say that this vegan gravy recipe is delicious is an understatement. Rainbow plant life came prepared with a completely mouthwatering recipe that gets you hungry just thinking about it.

This gravy recipe gives off strong umami. It’s also very aromatic, and the final texture should be very creamy and thick. Thick and brown, this gravy is loaded with taste and flavor.

Rainbow Plant Life’s recipe is stocked with meat substitutes like mushrooms and savory vegetables. It is extremely nutritious. You should also use white miso paste for cooking it, as it can be even more savory than salt.

It takes about 45 minutes to make but is all the tastier for it. It uses so many different ingredients and works so well with them that it must be considered one of the most comprehensive gravies on this list.

17. Easy Vegan Gravy That Tastes Like Chicken by Terri Edwards

Easy Vegan Gravy That Tastes Like Chicken by Terri Edwards

You can make vegan gravy taste like meat by substituting it for a few key ingredients. Terri’s gravy recipe is a treat that does exactly that. By stirring in a few special items, she manages to fool many meat-eaters with this vegan delight.

Sage, thyme, celery seeds, and poultry seasoning make this recipe as delicious as it is. It’s simple and cost-effective. And it tastes just like chicken.

Terri’s gravy is impressive because it wisely uses poultry seasoning. As a result, the gravy comes out looking bright and lively, like liquid gold.

Arrowroot powder is good to use in this recipe as it’s hard to clump up. You can also microwave it if you find that it isn’t thick enough. Likewise, apply water if you find yourself cooking it too thick.

18. The Best White Vegan Cashew Gravy (Gluten-Free) by Kristen Wood

The Best White Vegan Cashew Gravy (Gluten-Free) by Kristen Wood

Who doesn’t love cashews? They’re nutritious and convenient snacks that everyone should include in their diet. Kristen Wood’s gravy recipe for cashew gravy makes a gluten-free delicacy that goes well with plenty of meals.

This meal can be eaten daily or on holidays and special occasions. The recipe is dairy-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free, making it a healthy option. It’s quick to make and quite flavorful.

Tapioca flour and raw cashews give this gravy a whitish beige consistency. It’s a thicker gravy that should be blended or processed in a food processor until smooth. It is cooked on medium heat and serves well at room temperature.

Easy Vegan Gravy Recipes, Final Thoughts

Gravy should be easy, rich, and delicious. There is no need to rush any of these recipes. The key to making a good vegan gravy is patience.

Your gravy should be well-seasoned and served warm. Make sure to use plant-based substitutes for meat items when cooking your meals. You should visit the links provided for full explanations of the recipes.

And if you are looking for ideas on what to serve after the main dish, check out these vegan cake recipes.

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