21 Easy Vegan Pho Recipes

Are you craving a hot bowl of pho but wish to stay committed to a vegan diet? If you love pho for that deep, umami flavor, and you aren’t sure you can get that with a vegan recipe, worry not! Great pho can be vegan too. Here are the best vegan pho recipes from around the web.

1. Vegan Pho by Lazy Cat Kitchen

Vegan Pho by Lazy Cat Kitchen

If you’re looking for something with some heat, this first one will be perfect. The recipe calls for serving the pho with spicy tofu, marinated in soy sauce and chili paste, and fried in a pan before adding to the pho. 

In addition to the spicy tofu and napa cabbage, don’t forget to add some fresh red chiles for extra heat and tons of crunchy fresh herbs and fresh green beans for some interesting textures!

2. Vegan Pho by Love & Lemons

Vegan Pho by Love & Lemons

This lovely-looking pho recipe uses bok choy and shiitake mushrooms for a vegan pho full of body and deep taste and brings you a good helping of your daily greens as well. It is a from-scratch pho broth made with water rather than vegetable broth. When you cook the broth this way, the spices are the “star of the show.”

However, the result is certainly far from bland. Instead, as a local Vietnamese restaurant provided inspiration for its formation, the result is well-spiced and rich. In addition, all the veggies help make it more hearty, nutritious, and packed with fiber.

3. Vegan Pho by Six Hungry Feet

Vegan Pho by Six Hungry Feet

This next recipe evokes genuine tastes and smells that might make you feel like you are traveling in Vietnam. Cook up this hearty recipe with oodles of rice noodles and tofu sauteed in coconut oil, soy sauce, sriracha, and maple syrup.

Notably, get noodles only made from rice flour and water to ensure they have the right texture. And for the toppings, you can go with anything catering to your preferences, so give this recipe a whirl!

4. Vegan Pho by Seonkyoung Longest

Vegan Pho by Seonkyoung Longest

This next recipe takes its inspiration from the comforting-yet-exciting traditional pho. It is just as hearty and satisfying as pho has always been; the only elements missing are the animal products and the hours and hours of simmering.

If you are on a plant-based diet and you want to cook a soup that can be a delightful vegan dinner or act as a pick-me-up when you’re sick, you may be surprised and delighted by the tasty pho shared here

5. Vegan Pho by Yeung Man Cooking

Vegan Pho by Yeung Man Cooking

This vegan pho looks like it might be one to rule them all! It’s chock full of fresh herbs, roasted spices, and some more unexpected elements like a potato for the broth and an (optional) splash of sake for that extra je ne sais quoi as the French say (loosely translated as, “I don’t know what exactly.”)

Otherwise, it’s a beautiful garlicky, gingery flavor with the added richness of crimini (or white) mushrooms and oyster mushrooms. The written recipe is included in the show notes of the video, so there’s no need to watch if you don’t want to. Cook it!

7. Vegan Pho by Gimme Some Oven

Vegan Pho by Gimme Some Oven

If you were a long-time lover of pho made with beef broth or other kinds of bone broth before deciding to become a vegetarian, then this recipe is for you.

It’s admittedly very difficult to find a good vegetarian or vegan option in Vietnamese restaurants, and that can act as a catalyst to inspire you to cook and adapt a plant-based recipe to make at home. So give this delicious-looking pho a try.

You will notice during the cooking (and tasting process) that it’s the onion, ginger, and heat from traditional spices that truly give pho its wonderful complexity. This recipe is simple, totally vegan, and much faster than its non-vegan version.

8. Vegan Pho by Bon Appetite

Vegan Pho by Bon Appetite

This recipe has warm notes from spices like coriander and star anise, with its savory flavor developed through combining umami ingredients to make the base broth. These spices are toasted, creating a smoked taste before beginning the more basic elements of a vegan broth: carrots, onions, and celery.

Notably, this recipe also includes a little bit of rock sugar to bring a balance to the broth. Raw sugar will work just as well but bear in mind that refined sugar is too sweet.

This pho is deep and fragrant, with toppings like mushrooms caramelized with soy and crispy fried tofu for extra oomph.

9. Vegan Pho by Vegan Heaven

Vegan Pho by Vegan Heaven

This recipe adopts the use of mint and basil among its fresh herbs, which keeps the overall impression nice and light, while the pho broth itself is rich and comforting and tempting. The recipe looks heavenly, and it takes as little as 35 minutes from start to finish!

This version of the dish also calls for good quality store-bought vegan broth as a time-saver that does not compromise flavor. This would be a great option if you have some great ingredients on hand but don’t have a whole lot of time.

10. Vegan Pho by Conoisseurus Veg

Vegan Pho by Conoisseurus Veg

The blog author here developed this recipe after trying a lot of different vegetarian or vegan versions of Vietnamese foods but never coming across a truly satisfying vegan pho. The author decided to use a broiler for her spices and onions, which worked out very well and is very fragrant.

In terms of veggies, she adds julienned carrots to the mix, bringing some different textures and tastes. The author also includes a caveat. The recipe calls for a lot of star anise, which might be too much for some people. If you’re not crazy about a big star anise flavor, consider reducing the amount. Try this one today!

11. Vegan Pho by Pick Up Limes

Vegan Pho by Pick Up Limes

This hearty recipe utilizes shallots instead of onions. Remember not to skimp on the toppings, of which there are many. The author includes a long list, including radish, green onion, and hoisin sauce.

There are also tofu strips here, sauteed to crispy perfection, but it does provide another protein option: edamame, added with the carrots and simmered to develop a good flavor. This creator adds a twist with some fresh broccoli. She adds the broccoli along with the carrots.

12. Vegan Pho by Hot For Food

Vegan Pho by Hot For Food

This recipe is a filling and satisfying soup. Takeout vegan pho can be way too bland, so with this recipe, you can make pho at home without a store-bought base that can leave you with a bloated feeling. This pho base is made from scratch, and it is satisfying without too high a salt content.

The result was a filling and pleasing soup to which the author added some light fried tofu from a Japanese market to the other toppings.

13. Vegan Pho by Cookie + Kate

Vegan Pho by Cookie + Kate

This recipe is titled vegetarian, not vegan, but never fear! We checked the ingredients thoroughly and found that it is indeed vegan. One of the noted problems with vegan cooking is that a lack of fat used in the process can result in a disappointing flavor, so this recipe calls for oil to saute everything before adding any liquids.

For that extra element of savoriness, remember to char the onions and ginger before putting them in the broth. This recipe also calls for adding water to the vegetable broth so that the broth’s taste doesn’t overwhelm the soup’s more subtle spices like cinnamon and star anise. For this reason, it is best to add salt early in the cooking process.

Don’t be afraid to give this one a try!

14. Vegan Pho by Food52

Vegan Pho by Food52

This recipe does something a little different from many of the others. It calls for fruit as well as vegetables in the made-from-scratch pho broth. Apples help to add a more complex and distinctive taste, while the root vegetables daikon and jicama bring their dimensions to the overall impression.

Another twist this recipe applies is the herb culantro (yes, you read that correctly!) which she uses in addition to cilantro. Although they are quite similar, they are subtly different enough to bring a little bit more depth. Garnish the finished pho with these and other fresh herbs as well as some pan-fried tofu; the recipe includes directions for the best way to do this.

15. Vegan Pho by Peta2

Vegan Pho by Peta2

This next one is a relatively uncomplicated pho, utilizing miso paste to the base of readymade vegetable broth and also bringing the tartness of lime juice into the mix. The overall impression is that of an easy but delicious vegan comfort food. Chili paste adds some heat, and the fresh herbs basil and cilantro a touch of crispness.

You only need around 30 minutes to serve this recipe up, and give yourself a hot treat whenever you feel like it!

16. Vegan Pho by Local Palate

Vegan Pho by Local Palate

Again, this recipe is titled vegetarian pho, but we looked at the ingredients, and it is vegan.

It includes a recipe for the Vietnamese pho base, using different types of mushrooms, scallions, napa cabbage as well various herbs and spices, and kombu. The base takes around 30 minutes.

In terms of raw ingredients for the toppings, the recipe adds spinach and, of course, bean sprouts.

17. Vegan Pho by Choosing Chia

Vegan Pho by Choosing Chia

This pho features traditional spices. Add those to the store-bought vegetable broth for this 30-minute pho recipe. As with many of the others, you will capture the flavors of shiitake mushrooms and charred ginger with star anise to attain that pho taste.

Two things to do slightly differently here: add some coconut sugar instead of regular or raw sugar and add some cardamom to the mix of spices.

This pho is rich and warming and just a little spicy and tangy. Try it!

18. Vegan Pho by The Rhubarbarians

Vegan Pho by The Rhubarbarians

Here is a vegan pho recipe that won’t bore you even if you decide to make it multiple times in a row! The recipe puts a lot of emphasis on the importance of a deep and satisfying broth, calling for the use of Better Than Bouillon as a vegan alternative to a traditional bouillon base.

The recipe also calls for Chinese five-spice powder, mushrooms, and onions for flavor. Remember to add red chilis and cook the rice noodles in the broth rather than separately; this can give them a more interesting taste.

The recipe directions also add some advice about advanced meal-prepping: store your ingredients separately in the fridge so that nothing gets mushy (noodles are prone to this) and assemble for lunches, heating the broth and noodles and then adding fresh toppings. This keeps everything nice and crisp!

19. Vegan Pho by The Garlic Hussy

Vegan Pho by The Garlic Hussy

This next recipe is a hot and spicy soup and will provide a cozy remedy for colds or just for mild sniffles. The ingredient list includes quite a lot of garlic and adds a slight citrusy twist with lemongrass as well as the commonly-used lime juice for a just-tangy-enough broth that complements all the other ingredients.

For a little bit more fiber and a slightly different texture, the recipe calls for brown rice noodles rather than the usual white rice noodles.

The result is a rich, caramel-colored pho broth with lots of lovely crunches, and it can be as spicy as you like! Give it a try!

20. Vegan Pho by Bianca Zapatka

Vegan Pho by Bianca Zapatka

The description of this version of a vegan pho recipe makes clear the importance of a fragrant Vietnamese soup base for an excellent pho. This is one of the faster recipes despite the fact that its ingredient list is quite long with spices and herbs and aromatics.

Parsley root is one of the broth ingredients, along with star anise, ginger, sriracha, and whole sticks of cinnamon. The recipe lists Pak Choy (bok choy)as one of the added ingredients, and the soup is topped with tofu which the cook sautees until it is crispy. The directions include an expressed preference for crispiness, which brings a diversity of texture to the whole impression.

Try it!

21. Vegan Pho by The Spice House

Vegan Pho by The Spice House

This recipe features a stock made from scratch, utilizing an element of a much traditional Asian cooking, kombu. Commonly known as kelp, this brings the umami depth you crave when you crave pho.

Another ingredient that this recipe calls for that is less common is a mushroom stock reduction called essence de champignon. This reduction brings color, and rich flavor adds something special to the overall effect.

You can liberally apply Chinese five spices to the extra firm tofu before pan-frying it. Of course, don’t forget the dried shiitake mushrooms that lend this particular pho its name: vegan mushroom pho.

22. Vegan Pho by The Stingy Vegan

Vegan Pho by The Stingy Vegan

The following recipe has a twist: smoky crumbled tofu. The estimated cooking time is under an hour. The cooking time here is impressive since the recipe includes homemade broth.

This recipe calls for packages of stock vegetables often found in supermarkets, an easy and accessible way to begin a broth for soup. And if your grocery store doesn’t sell such bundles, you can always grab a few root veggies and celery from the grocery aisle.

The resulting pho is a rich, deeply-flavored broth enhanced with plenty of fresh herbs and chilies added to the more unusual smoky flavor.

If you have had disappointing experiences with restaurant vegan pho, you can make things more tasty and exciting with this soup.

Easy Vegan Pho Recipes, Final Thoughts

Pho is traditionally cooked with meat, the broth prepared by simmering bones for hours. Meat isn’t necessary to get the pho experience that you’re looking for. There’s no doubt about it; you can create that savory pho taste in vegan cooking.

Try some home-cooked pho today! And don’t forget to make a dessert!

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