17 Easy Vegan Tiramisu Recipes

Being vegan doesn’t mean that you have to forgo delicious desserts like tiramisu. With a little bit of creativity and inspiration, you can add a whole slew of recipes to your baking repertoire.

So whether you’re looking to fine-tune your tried and true recipes or discover some new ones, check out these easy vegan tiramisu recipes that anyone can make at home.

1. Easy Homemade Vegan Tiramisu by the Banana Diaries

Easy Homemade Vegan Tiramisu by the Banana Diaries

This simple vegan tiramisu by the Banana Diaries is what you need to tame your sweet tooth and enjoy a nice, cruelty-free treat. Plus, it’s super simple and tastes exactly like the real thing.

Of course, the most important thing you’ll need to master is making the ladyfingers, but once you have that down, the rest is simple.

The shape of the ladyfingers is essential, so make sure that you follow the recipe completely to get the right texture down.

Next comes the vegan mascarpone, which you can achieve by combining your favorite vegan butter with yogurt and vanilla to taste. Finally, coconut milk does the trick if you want to make it more tropical.

After you have these two components down, all you need to do is put them together, and you have the ultimate vegan dessert.

2. Vegan Tiramisu by Tasty

Vegan Tiramisu by Tasty

This recipe gives you detailed instructions on how to make the perfect cruelty-free ladyfingers. Notably, this particular version is not too sweet, which plays well with the other recommended ingredients.

It is recommended to use aquafaba, or the liquid left in cans of chickpeas. Aquafaba stands in for egg whites and makes your homemade ladyfingers light and delicious.

The vegan mascarpone is a little bit more time-intensive. The heft comes from soaked cashews, which provide a creamy base with just the right amount of protein.

Coconut oil works well in this dish, providing excellent fat content and giving your mascarpone that delicious and deep flavor. Tasty suggests that you cut it slightly with some lemon juice to lighten it up. Use lemon juice to taste.

Finally, one of the top ways to make your vegan tiramisu sing is by using top-notch espresso and a touch of rum. These elements give the dish a sophisticated and tasty flair perfect for company dinners.

3. Easy Vegan Tiramisu by Vegan on Board

Easy Vegan Tiramisu by Vegan on Board

This easy tiramisu will rival anything you can get at a professional bakery. Best of all, you just need a few minutes to put it together.

Since this recipe only calls for a few ingredients, ensure that you have the highest quality on hand. Splurging on good cocoa powder is a must since it ties the whole dish together.

The secret superstar in this recipe is silken tofu, which stands in for tiramisu’s traditional base. Although we usually use silken tofu in savory dishes, it works well in this dessert, and you won’t even miss the dairy.

You should avoid using blocks of tofu, even if they’re softer or silken. You won’t get the same texture as you would with creamier tofu.

The coconut milk adds a lot of texture and exotic flavor to the dish that you’ll love. This tiramisu is light and even better than many dairy-filled options.

4. Vegan Tiramisu by Domestic Gothess

Vegan Tiramisu by Domestic Gothess

This is the perfect recipe for anyone who wants to avoid dairy products but still enjoy a flavorful tiramisu.

The recipe combines delicious vanilla-spiked ladyfingers with coffee and a touch of alcohol. You’ll notice that every bite has several different flavors and textures, and you won’t miss the dairy whatsoever.

The creamy aspect of this tiramisu comes from a delicious blend of cashews and tofu, and it’s decadent and rich. Make sure that you don’t skimp on the cocoa powder as it ties it all together.

Unlike many of the other recipes on our list, this one doesn’t use coconut cream, which keeps it a lot more traditional than many of our other options. So if you’re a tiramisu purist, definitely go with this recipe.

Best of all, once you get the vanilla cake made for the ladyfingers and the cashews soaked, this delectable tiramisu comes together in a snap.

5. Vegan Tiramisu by Nora Cooks

Vegan Tiramisu by Nora Cooks

If there’s one thing this vegan tiramisu knocks out of the park, it’s the consistency.  While it is nearly identical to dairy-laden tiramisu, you can enjoy this one without any guilt. Plus, it keeps for a long time in your refrigerator, as long as you keep all of the components separate.

The regular flour can be easily swapped with gluten-free alternatives if needed. Other than that, use the soy or plant-based milk of your choice, and add in additional vegan butter if you want a creamier texture. Canola oil is terrific if you prefer a lighter version of vegan tiramisu.

This recipe’s secret weapon is apple cider vinegar, which will help your cake stay light and fluffy and soak up all of the espresso from your ladyfingers. Creamy coconut milk adds another dimension to the dessert and gives you a full blast of that yummy, tropical tiramisu flavor you crave. Finally, coffee liquor adds a boozy punch. 

6. Vegan Tiramisu by Heartful Table

Vegan Tiramisu by Heartful Table

This is an excellent vegan and gluten-free alternative to traditional tiramisu. It’s a beautiful dessert perfect for special occasions or when you just want to prepare something unique for your family and friends.

The recipe hits all the right texture and flavor notes with layers of light cake and decadent filling. Plus, it takes tiramisu to the next level by incorporating coffee and cashew “cream” into the desert and coconut cream. That way, you get plenty of coffee flavor in every single bite. It’s a joy to eat.

Although this tiramisu takes a little bit more time to prepare, it’s all worth it in the end. The sponge cake soaks up just the right amount of coffee without getting mushy, and every bite is better than the last. One pro-tip is to consider making this tiramisu ahead of time to let the flavors blend beautifully. Then, chill it in your refrigerator until it’s time to eat.

7. Vegan Tiramisu by Crazy Vegan Kitchen

Vegan Tiramisu by Crazy Vegan Kitchen

Consider this recipe if you’re looking for ways to show off your baking skills. Moreover, there are plenty of hacks and fun ingredients in this dessert that you can carry over into other recipes.

As with most of the vegan tiramisu on our list, you’ll need to put some apple cider vinegar into your cake batter. This helps the cake rise and keeps it fluffy and sturdy enough to absorb the right amount of coffee.

Pastry flour is another great hack included here. This specific flour will help keep the consistency of your cake perfect and lump-free, so don’t overlook it. It’s also critical to use fresh coffee that’s been thoroughly chilled. The easiest way to do this is to whip up some coffee and put it into your refrigerator while making the rest of the dessert.

The vegan mascarpone is an inventive mixture of room-temperature coconut oil, soaked cashews, and the sweetener of your choice. Maple syrup or agave are two excellent choices.

8. Vegan Tiramisu by It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken

Vegan Tiramisu by It Doesn't Taste Like Chicken

This vegan tiramisu comes together fairly quickly if you have your vanilla cake made in advance. Another good thing about this recipe is that it’s relatively universal. For example, you can make surplus batter and have some yummy cupcakes in addition to the ladyfingers for your tiramisu.

Although some recipes call for either rum or coffee liqueur, this one specifies that you should use a robust espresso and coffee liqueur as your soaking agent. Even it out with a little bit of water to get the consistency right, but don’t water it down too much or you risk diluting the flavor.

The vegan milk of your choice and pre-soaked cashews lend this tiramisu’s creamy layer a potent and decadent edge. You can use vanilla extract to taste. Just make sure that you start small and add more as needed. Coconut cream rounds off the dish nicely, and a liberal dose of cocoa powder makes it truly shine.

9. Vegan Tiramisu by School Night Vegan

Vegan Tiramisu by School Night Vegan

If you crave beautiful tiramisu flavor and want a guilt-free vegan option full of flavor and plenty of sugar, this vegan tiramisu is right up your alley. You’ll get tons of vanilla and coffee flavor in every delicious bite.

The recipe starts off with homemade ladyfingers that are heavy on the vanilla but never cloyingly sweet. Combine them with vegan mascarpone with a tangy bite, and you have a feast of different tastes and textures to work with.

The quality of your ingredients counts. Make sure that you use premium espresso in this dish and that it’s chilled before putting it all together. Incorporating a touch of sugar and rum into your espresso before using the mixture will help you make sure that all of the ingredients infuse together.

Temperature also counts. Your vegan butter should be melted, or at least very soft.

10. Easy Vegan Tiramisu by Zucker Jagdwurst

Easy Vegan Tiramisu by Zucker Jagdwurst

This tiramisu is a beautiful coffee and “cream” dessert with a homemade sponge that comes together fairly quickly. Unlike some of the other recipes on our list, you don’t need many different ingredients to get this tiramisu on your dessert table in virtually no time flat.

Instead, the mascarpone cheese component is a tasty combination of vegan cream and yogurt. Although you can certainly use whichever yogurt that you have in your refrigerator, it works excellently well with coconut yogurt for a tropical punch. Avoid using flavored yogurts in this recipe, as they could clash with the coffee.

Instead of rum or coffee liqueur, this recipe calls for amaretto, although they also give you a few other options if you want them. You can certainly omit the liqueur if you’re cooking this dessert for children or non-drinkers.

11. Vegan Tiramisu by Loving It Vegan

Vegan Tiramisu by Loving It Vegan

Even novice chefs can make this vegan tiramisu. It’s an excellent recipe to make with children, and although some of the ingredients take a while to prepare, it comes together quickly once you have everything that you need. As with many of these vegan tiramisus, you’ll need to start off with a good base of vegan sponge cake for your ladyfingers.

The mascarpone is soaked in cashews and flavoring, and you can use whole-fat coconut milk to whip up a creamy, dreamy batch of vegan cream. However, ensure that you get the full-fat variety because low-fat coconut milk can make your cream too watery or even stop it from setting.

Unlike some of the other recipes on our list, this one suggests that you cook your coffee on the stove and then gradually mix in a little bit of liquor and sugar to taste. This tiramisu is best once it’s had some time in the refrigerator. Letting it chill out for several hours will allow all of the flavors to fuse together in a beautiful and decadent way.

12. Vegan Tiramisu by Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen

Vegan Tiramisu by Sarah's Vegan Kitchen

Give this recipe a try if you’re looking for a classic take on traditional tiramisu, just without eggs or dairy products. It’s an excellent recipe to try if you’re a little nervous about making a version of vegan tiramisu because of all of the steps. Even though the recipe calls for comparably fewer ingredients, the result is simply fabulous.

If you’re making this dish for an upcoming event, prepare it at least a day or two in advance so that the flavors can meld together correctly. If you’re vegan, there’s a good chance that you already have most, if not all, of them, in your cupboard. You’ll need cashew cream and heavy coconut cream to make some of the elements of the dish.

If you can, avoid using coconut milk or low-fat coconut cream in the place of full-fat coconut cream in this recipe. If there’s nothing else available at the store, you can swap in either in a pinch, but your cream might be a little less luscious. Powdered sugar adds an additional sweet touch and makes your coconut cream all the most decadent.

13. Vegan Tiramisu by VegKitchen

Vegan Tiramisu by VegKitchen

Prepare yourself for a unique take on vegan tiramisu with this recipe, as it delivers something special for coffee lovers. The recipe recommends soaking your sponge cake in coffee prior to assembly, letting it really get all of the good flavors of your coffee mixture.

If you use a sturdy enough cake base, your homemade ladyfingers won’t be too mushy. Instead, you’ll just get fluffy cake, vanilla, and plenty of excellent coffee flavor.

Using a hand mixer for your “cream” helps cut back on kitchen time and keeps the arm cramps at bay, but you can use a whisk if that’s the only thing that you have on hand. If you do opt to make the cream by hand, be prepared to whisk for a little while to get the correct consistency.

To ensure everything is done perfectly, avoid trying to soak your cake and assemble the dessert while the cake is still warm. It might disintegrate, leaving you with a soupy mess instead of a perfect tiramisu. If you want to get really fancy, break out your pasty bags and pipe the filling right on the top of the tiramisu. It’s total perfection.

14. Vegan Tiramisu Jars by Lazy Cat Kitchens

Vegan Tiramisu Jars by Lazy Cat Kitchens

The step-by-step instructions for this vegan tiramisu are easy to follow, so it’s an ideal choice if you’re looking for something that you can make with the kids. Plus, if you have more hands in the kitchen, you can get all of the elements put together quickly.

Start off with your sponge cake, using the plant milk of your choice, lemon, vanilla, and a little bit of olive oil. Of course, if you’re gluten-free, you can always use gluten-free flour instead of your standard all-purpose.

For the cream, you’ll need to use a little trick that most vegan chefs know by heart; aquafaba. This incredible residual chickpea liquid is a great stand-in for egg whites and works perfectly with coconut cream to create an excellent creamy layer. Apple cider vinegar cuts the taste just a little bit and adds more flavor.

The recipe suggests that you use red wine and coffee for the sauce, but you can always put in the liquor of your choice. For example, dark rum works well in this recipe, or you can go with standard Kahlua for a sweeter kick. Plus, the presentation is incredible too. These miniature tiramisus look adorable and taste even better.

15. Vegan Tiramisu by Labeless Nutrition

Vegan Tiramisu by Labeless Nutrition

This is another dessert on our list that uses aquafaba to mimic egg whites, and it works amazingly well. It also calls for vegan creamer instead of more common ingredients like coconut milk. We really can’t overemphasize the simplicity of this recipe. If you’re willing to pick up a few pre-made vegan items, you can have this dessert on your table in no time.

It is advised to steer away from other standard substitutions like applesauce for eggs because aquafaba only copies the egg whites and leaves you with a creamier, airier dessert.

Also, there’s an excellent chance that you have everything that you need right in your pantry. Check out this great recipe if you want to try vegan tiramisu but don’t want to put in too big of a time commitment.

16. Vegan Tiramisu With Homemade Ladyfingers by Addicted to Dates

Vegan Tiramisu With Homemade Ladyfingers by Addicted to Dates

This vegan tiramisu is just about as traditional as it gets. However, the recipe stays true to form and only makes adjustments where need be. For example, instead of using vanilla spongecake like many of the other recipes on our list call for, you can go with vegan ladyfingers for your base. Although this recipe is not universal like some others, you’ll find that it does the trick nicely.

You can also use any vegan milk for the creamy mascarpone elements of the dish, and dark rum ties the whole thing together. For a super-rich blend, this recipe calls for vegan cream cheese and heavy yogurt as well as plenty of coconut cream to add weight and flavor.

17. Vegan Tiramisu by Zardy Plants

Vegan Tiramisu by Zardy Plants

This vegan tiramisu is a little bit more time-intensive than some of the other recipes on our list, but you can make a lot of things in advance to cut back on your in-kitchen time. For example, the mascarpone and ladyfingers can both be kept nicely in the refrigerator.

Aquafaba is the star of the show, although you shouldn’t whip it up until you’re ready to use it as it could fall. If you want to cut a few corners and still have a delicious dessert, pick up vegan vanilla sugar cookies and use them in the place of ladyfingers.

Easy Vegan Tiramisu Recipes, Final Thoughts

Vegan tiramisu can be surprisingly easy to make, even for a novice, and the above recipes should give you plenty of ideas to choose from.

If you are looking for more ideas to satisfy any fan of desserts, check out these mouth-watering chocolate cake recipes.

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