19 Easy Vegan Vegetable Soup Recipes

If you love digging into a hot bowl of vegetable soup, you’re in luck.

Today we’ve a bunch of easy vegan vegetable soup recipes that are packed full of nutritious vegetables, delicious pasta, and quinoas that come in chunky and creamy varieties.

Best of all, you can customize them to fit your needs, using whatever you have in the refrigerator to make a sumptuous dish in less time than it takes to order takeout.

1. Vegetable Soup by Simple Vegan Blog

Vegetable Soup by Simple Vegan Blog

Simple Vegan Blog’s hearty recipe for delicious vegetable soup is guaranteed to warm you up on a chilly day. Better still, you can empty all of the old vegetables from your refrigerator and wind up with a savory soup that freezes well and tastes even better the next day.

Simple Vegan Blog offers a few substitutions that allow you to customize the recipe to your dietary preferences, such as swapping out oil for water or stock. You can also use fresh or dried herbs to spice up the soup.

Although there are tons of vegetables in the recipe, you don’t need to peel many of them so that you can have this dish on your table in no time. It’s an easy, scrumptious option that will keep your family fed for several days or months if you pop it into the freezer.

2. Easy Vegan Vegetable Soup by Veggies Save The Day

Easy Vegan Vegetable Soup by Veggies Save The Day

Veggies do save the day in this deceptively simple vegan recipe that takes less than an hour to get on the table. As with many of the options on our list, you can use whatever you happen to have in your crisper, plus some pantry essentials. Fresh herbs and garlic really do make a difference, but you can certainly use dried if that’s what you have on hand.

Potatoes add a lot of heft to the soup, and while the recipe calls for gold potatoes, you can undoubtedly use sweet potatoes for a nutritional boost. Plus, many of the ingredients in this great recipe from Veggies Save The Day are canned, like tomatoes and beans. So if you don’t like white beans, just swap them out for something else.

Kale adds some more nutrients and a little textural and visual interest to the dish, but you can use spinach instead.

3. Many-Veggie Vegetable Soup by Love and Lemons

Many-Veggie Vegetable Soup by Love and Lemons

Courtesy of Love and Lemons, this Many-Veggie Vegetable Soup certainly lives up to its name with a staggering array of tasty vegetables in a delicious white-wine broth. However, what sets this soup apart in a class of its own is the broth; it’s rich and luxe with just a little bit of bite from the wine itself.

Fire-roasted tomatoes certainly add a lot of flavors, but you can use regular ones if that’s all that you have on hand. Chickpeas and beans provide a lot of textural interest, and the sweet potato is a nutrient superpower in the dish. Season as you go to avoid putting too much into the mix all at once.

Dried herbs have more potency than fresh ones, so keep the portions in mind as you stir up this fabulous concoction. If you do that, you’ll have a balanced and lovely dish in the end. Finish it all off with a little pop of vinegar for a bite and a touch of sass, and you have a soup worthy of company.

4. The Yummiest Vegetable Soup by Hummusapien

The Yummiest Vegetable Soup by Hummusapien

The name “The Yummiest Vegetable Soup” certainly sets the bar very high for flavor, but this recipe from Hummusapien exceeds expectations by giving you a tasty soup that you can have on your table in a flash. It’s super easy to make, freezes well, and is hearty enough to cut through even the coldest weather.

The key to soup success with this recipe is cooking everything in order. Make sure that you pop your onions in the pan right away to get them nicely done before adding your other aromatics. Since the soup calls for several vegetables that cook at different temperatures, you’ll want to mind the order that you put in the root vegetables, like potatoes.

Instead of vinegar, Hummusapien suggests that you use a little bit of lemon to add zest and contrast to the dish. Finally, sprinkle a little bit of fresh chiffonaded basil on at the end.

5. Easy Homemade Vegetable Soup by Inspired Taste

Easy Homemade Vegetable Soup by Inspired Taste

You can probably make Inspired Taste’s vegan soup with ingredients in your own kitchen, making it an easy and quick meal option and a great way to clean out the refrigerator. Like many vegetable soups, you can also use seasonally appropriate ingredients. That means that you can sample the best of the best at your local farmer’s market and find your new favorite vegetables.

This soup freezes well too. Make a big batch on the weekends and pop it into the refrigerator for healthy lunches all week, then freeze some for those busy nights that you don’t want to cook but need to ward off the takeout temptation.

Better still, it’s a one-pot wonder. Inspired Taste suggests that you use their recipe as a good base, then add in other veggies or beans that you might have on hand. You can even throw in a little cooked pasta for additional carbohydrates and texture.

6. Quinoa Vegetable Soup with Kale by Cookie and Kate

Quinoa Vegetable Soup with Kale by Cookie and Kate

Cookie and Kate’s delicious vegan soup has a potent pop of quinoa to add textural interest and a little extra nutrition. Plus, it’s easy enough to make even on your busiest weeknight. All you need are some vegetables from your refrigerator, pantry essentials, and a cup of quinoa to have a delicious meal in less than an hour.

Cookie and Kate suggest that you use whatever vegetables you have on hand but emphasize that seasonal fresh ones work the best. Heartier veggies like squash and sweet potato give this soup a lot of heft, and customary vegetables like carrots and celery lend a familiar flavor profile to the end result.

You’ll get a lot of different flavors in this soup, including tartness from the tomatoes and a little bite from the garlic. Fresh and dried herbs round off the flavor profiles nicely. The quinoa works well in the soup, popping up in every bite and playing well with the more dominant vegetables.

7. Vegan Vegetable Soup by Healthy Seasonal Recipes

Vegan Vegetable Soup by Healthy Seasonal Recipes

Tasty and straightforward, this vegan vegetable soup is easy enough to make on a weeknight but also nice enough for weekend family dinners. Plus, the dish is gluten-free and completely paleo-friendly. As with most of the dishes on our list, the way that you combine the ingredients matters. It’s essential to cook the garlic and onion to avoid overcooking or burning them.

Some of the vegetables, like squash, take a little bit longer to cook, so you’ll have to add them before softer ones. Although you have to do a lot of chopping for this recipe, you can work as you go, thanks to the order that you put in the vegetables. As long as you’re organized, you should be able to have the soup on the table in a flash.

You can also use frozen vegetables in a pinch; just make sure that you remember that these vegetables usually have a lot of residual water in them.

8. Chunky Vegetarian Vegetable Soup by AllRecipes

Chunky Vegetarian Vegetable Soup by AllRecipes

If you’re not a fan of thin soups, this offering by AllRecipes is right up your alley. It’s got a lot of big, beautiful pieces of vegetables stirred into the mix, and it’s a meal all in and of itself. But, of course, you can also eat it with bread or some crackers to round things out nicely.

Pre-boxed vegetable broth cuts down on your cooking time, and AllRecipes suggests that you use frozen okra, soybeans, and corn too. The only vegetables that you’ll really need to prepare are potatoes and carrots. You can quickly chop them up while you’re making the rest of the soup.

There are only a few spices in this soup, too, although you can certainly add more to taste if you want to. Salt and pepper go a long way to making this hearty creation all the more delicious. Add the kale in last because it cooks the quickest, and you have a great meal in less than an hour.

9. Hearty Vegan Lentil Soup by The Simple Veganista

Hearty Vegan Lentil Soup by The Simple Veganista

The Simple Veganista offers no shortage of tasty vegan recipes, and their hearty lentil soup is undoubtedly no exception. Lentils lend a rich texture to the soup while also giving you tons of nutrients and fiber, and you can use pretty much any vegetables that you happen to have on hand.

The only actual must-have add-ins are carrots, celery, and onion for a hearty stock and traditional soup flavor. Green or brown lentils go in next, along with tons of fresh garlic. Although fresh garlic is preferable, dried garlic will work. Be careful if you’re using garlic salt because your end result might be too salty. Make substitutions and calculations accordingly.

Next up are the vegetables themselves. Potatoes give the soup a lot of texture and heft and work very well with the lentils, and tomatoes give it some additional nutrients, color, and taste. If you decide to use greens, make sure that you add them at the end so that they don’t overcook.

Finally, finish your gorgeous soup with some fresh lemon and a little bit of parsley for color and taste.

10. Vegan Vegetable Soup by A Virtual Vegan

Vegan Vegetable Soup by A Virtual Vegan

Although many vegan vegetable soups have tomatoes in them, A Virtual Vegan offers a recipe for those who don’t like tart fruits. Instead, this soup is jammed full of different types of vegetables and blended into creamy goodness right at the end.

The real stars of the show are carrots and potatoes. You’ll get plenty of golden-orange color from the carrots and a nice consistency from the potatoes. Garlic, celery, and onions give additional depth and flavor to the end product.

A Virtual Vegan suggests that you add lemon to taste at the end. Lemon brightens up the soup and also allows some of the other flavors to flourish. Add to taste. You can also blend in some peas or asparagus for more nutrients and taste if you wish.

11. Go-To Vegan Soup Recipe by It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken

Go-To Vegan Soup Recipe by It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken

The cleverly-named blog “It Doesn’t Take Like Chicken” offers delicious vegan options for busy people, and this soup is a great example. It’s straightforward, and you can have a delicious meal on the table in less than half an hour. Plus, the soup is full of nutritious vegetables and hearty beans.

It’s a naturally gluten-free dish where white beans and kale take center stage. If you don’t have kale on hand, you can always go for spinach or another dark green leafy vegetable instead. You can also use a different type of bean.

Unlike some of the other options on our list, this go-to soup recipe doesn’t have a ton of different vegetables, so it’s not great for cleaning out your refrigerator. But, on the other hand, if you’re looking for a quick, nutritious, and totally vegan opinion, it’s a great pick.

12. Vegan Vegetable Soup by Lazy Cat Kitchen

Vegan Vegetable Soup by Lazy Cat Kitchen

Lazy Cat Kitchen’s vegan soup is full of classic comfort-food ingredients like cooked carrots and celery, potatoes, and tomatoes. It also calls for cabbage, which is a nutrient powerhouse and adds a little bit of texture.

You’ll need a substantial amount of garlic to make this soup sing, and it’s better to use fresh garlic rather than dried. If you wind up using garlic powder, make sure that you adjust to taste, as it’s often much more robust.

The herbaceous goodness in Lazy Cat Kitchen’s recipe comes from a liberal amount of rosemary, and smoked paprika adds layers of depth. You can also adjust the spice level to your liking. Although the dish calls for chili flakes, a dash or two of Tabasco sauce will work well too.

Finally, don’t forget the bay leaves. They add a lot of flavor to the soup. Just make sure that you remove them before serving it up.

13. Simple Vegetable Soup by Brand New Vegan

Simple Vegetable Soup by Brand New Vegan

Brand New Vegan’s recipe for hearty, cruelty-free vegetable soup starts with a traditional mixture of celery, carrots, and onion. These three vegetables provide a solid base for the rest of the soup, and it’s absolutely essential that you add them at the beginning to get your base on the right track.

After that, they only need a few minutes to cook, and then you’re ready to add the rest of the ingredients.

Garlic goes in next. Since garlic burns quickly, you will want to add it when your onion, carrots, and celery are just about done to avoid overcooking it. After that, it’s a simple mix of green beans, tomatoes, frozen vegetables, and hearty potatoes.

Since this recipe calls for a mixture of fresh and frozen vegetables, it comes together really quickly, and you can make it for a tasty weeknight dinner.

14. Easy Peasy Vegetable Soup by Easy Peasy Foodie

Easy Peasy Vegetable Soup by Easy Peasy Foodie

Easy Peasy Foodie’s simple and quick soup is a creamy wonder that comes together in a flash and is great for weeknights when you simply don’t know what to eat. Use an immersion or regular blender to get the consistency that you’d like, and serve it with fresh bread or crackers.

Leeks shine in this dish. This milder vegetable gives the soup a lovely, fragrant flavor and works with more traditional soup vegetables like onions, carrots, and celery. It also calls for parsnips, an often-overlooked root vegetable that’s milder than carrots and goes well with the leeks.

Use the homemade or store-bought stock of your choice, or even a vegan bouillon cube to add flavor, plus some salt and pepper to taste. If you want things a little hotter, a pinch or two of chili powder works wonders.

15. Creamy Vegetable Soup by Feel Good Foodie

Creamy Vegetable Soup by Feel Good Foodie

This creamy vegetable soup is an excellent option for people who want a savory, creamy cruelty-free option. You can use virtually whatever you have on hand to make a beautiful masterpiece that rapidly comes together.

Feel Good Foodie’s recipe calls for plenty of pantry staples, like oil, onions, potatoes, celery, carrots, and garlic, plus a sprinkle of salt and pepper to open up the flavors and add spice. Cook your vegetables low and slow to avoid burning the garlic, and make sure that you stir them often.

In order to achieve that coveted creamy consistency, Feel Good Foodie suggests that you use Yukon Gold potatoes. If you opt for a different variety, you will still get a delicious soup, but it won’t mimic a cream-based one. Also, it’s a good idea to batch your blending to get the consistency just right. 

16. One-Pan Vegetable Soup by Plant You

One-Pan Vegetable Soup by Plant You

This vegetable soup is a lifesaver on busy weeknight dinners when you don’t want to do a lot of clean-up. You only need one pan to craft a delicious soup in no time, and aside from vegetable chopping, it’s a very hands-off recipe. Also, since you blend the soup before serving it, you don’t need Iron Chef knife skills to wind up with a great meal.

You can use whatever vegetables you have on hand, although potatoes work very well to give this soup body and taste. Use store-bought or homemade plant milk or vegetable stock to thin out the consistency as needed at the end too.

Once you have your creamy, blended soup, you can add in some fresh herbs and serve with vegan crackers or bread. It’s nutritious, delicious, and totally simple.

17. Simple Spring Vegetable Soup by The Vegan Atlas

Simple Spring Vegetable Soup by The Vegan Atlas

The Vegan Atlas’ ode to spring is an easy vegetable soup that highlights your favorite seasonal vegetables like carrots, leeks, and peas. Potatoes give the soup some body, and tomatoes add a nice hit of acidity at the end.

Fresh herbs are an absolute must for this soup, so make sure that you have parsley and dill on hand. Otherwise, you can use plenty of ingredients that you already have in your refrigerator.

It’s a light meal, perfect for warmer days when you just want a little nutritious bite to eat with crackers or bread. Also, like many of the soups on our list, the flavor intensifies over time, so feel free to eat and enjoy it the day after cooking.

Use store-bought or homemade vegetable broth as the base, and add more as you need it. This recipe is wonderfully customizable, and you can tailor the consistency and ingredients to fit your specific needs.

18. 1-Pot Everyday Lentil Soup by Minimalist Baker

1-Pot Everyday Lentil Soup by Minimalist Baker

The Minimalist Baker’s 1-Pot Everyday Lentil Soup is a restaurant-quality soup that you can prepare quickly and easily using just one pot. Plus, it has tons of good-for-you-vegetables and plenty of different tastes and textures.

Potatoes and carrots go well with the lentils, lending the soup an earthy and rich flavor. Kale adds a touch of bitterness and more nutritional heft to the dish. Use fresh garlic if you want haute cuisine results, but dry garlic flakes or power can work in a pinch.

The Minimalist Baker suggests that you use homemade vegetable stock to make this soup extra-special, but you can also swap that out for store-bought if you don’t have any on-hand. Heartier lentils, like green or brown ones, tend to work a little bit better than softer varieties and give the soup a lot of tasty texture.

19. Vegan Vegetable Soup by Martha Stewart

Vegan Vegetable Soup by Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart isn’t known as the queen of cooking for nothing, as this excellent recipe illustrates. Her vegan vegetable soup is super simple, tasty, and stars an ingredient that all-too-often gets overlooked; corn. While most vegetable soups call for frozen corn, Martha Stewart goes in a different direction and calls for freshly shucked corn.

The fresh corn elevates the dish and makes it summery and delicious. The other ingredients are straightforward and go well with the central star, including onion, zucchini, beans, tomatoes, and just a touch of olive oil. Add in a little homemade or store-bought vegetable broth, and you have a winning meal.

Martha Stewart’s soup calls for orzo, a smaller pasta that adds some carbohydrates and texture to the dish, but you can use different pasta if you have it on hand. Just make sure that the pasta is smaller so that it doesn’t overwhelm the end product. As with many of the soups on our list, this one comes together quickly and is excellent for a weeknight dinner.

Easy Vegan Vegetable Soup Recipes, Final Thoughts

These delicious, easy vegan vegetable soup recipes make getting a meal on the table more manageable than ever before. Plus, there are tons of varieties to choose from, so you can have a different soup every night of the week, using up all of the seasonal produce that you might have on hand.

So treat yourself and your family to one of these great dishes!

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