25 Easy Vegan Yogurt Recipes

Cow’s milk doesn’t have a monopoly on yogurt anymore! With these simple and delicious vegan yogurt recipes, you can easily make vegan yogurt at home from your choice of soy, oats, cashews, coconuts, chickpeas, and more.

1. Easy Vegan Yogurt by Veggies Don’t Bite

Easy Vegan Yogurt by Veggies Don’t Bite

Create a delicious vegan yogurt with raw cashews, blanched almonds, lime juice, and vinegar. This recipe produces a creamy yogurt with a perfectly balanced and slightly tangy flavor.

You’ll need a blender to process the nuts to achieve a thick and creamy consistency. Try some date paste, maple syrup, honey, or sugar to add some sweetness to the recipe. This yogurt will stay fresh for up to a week in the refrigerator.

2. Coconut Vegan Yogurt by Vegan Heaven

Coconut Vegan Yogurt by Vegan Heaven

You can make a rich vegan yogurt by using just cans of full-fat coconut milk, probiotic capsules, and agar-agar powder. This recipe requires an Instant Pot with a yogurt setting, in which the yogurt will sit for a day before going into the fridge.

The yogurt will have a thin and runny consistency, but it will thicken up in the refrigerator. The longer the yogurt sits in the fridge, the thicker it will be. If the components separate while in the fridge, leaving a watery layer on top, gently stir the yogurt before serving. Serve it with your favorite berries or toppings, or enjoy it plain.

3. Simplest Vegan Soy Yogurt by Vegan Blueberry

Simplest Vegan Soy Yogurt by Vegan Blueberry

This soy-based yogurt is an excellent option for vegans with nut allergies. While many yogurt recipes use nuts to achieve the milky creaminess, this recipe consists of just soy milk, commercial soy yogurt, and probiotics.

Ensure that the soy milk you’re using for this recipe contains only soybeans and water. Brands that use additives and other ingredients in their soy milk may not work with this recipe. You’ll also need an Instant Pot with a yogurt setting to produce the yogurt, as it’s critical to maintain a low and consistent heat for it to cultivate.

4. Classic Vegan Yogurt by A Virtual Vegan

Classic Vegan Yogurt by A Virtual Vegan

You can make this cashew-based vegan yogurt in an Instant Pot with a yogurt setting or in a Yogurt Maker. If you don’t have either appliance, let the mixture incubate in a warm spot in your house. Use only the canned coconut milk listed in the ingredients for this yogurt recipe, as it won’t work with other milk varieties.

This recipe produces a thick yogurt, perfect for eating plain or with berries or granola for a full breakfast. Try it with vegan overnight oats. You can flavor the yogurt with maple syrup, fruit preserves, lemon curd, and flavor extracts of your preference.

5. Two-Ingredient Coconut Yogurt by Minimalist Baker

Two-Ingredient Coconut Yogurt by Minimalist Baker

You won’t find a more straightforward vegan yogurt recipe than this one! You can create a creamy and tangy yogurt using just two ingredients- coconut milk and probiotic capsules!

Let the mixture sit for 24-48 hours for the yogurt to activate before refrigerating it. It will be rich in probiotics, healthy for your gut, and have a smooth and thick texture. The yogurt has a natural coconut flavor, but you can add flavorings of your choice, such as fruit and syrups.

6. Five-Minute Vegan Yogurt by Pinch of Yum

Five-Minute Vegan Yogurt by Pinch of Yum

You’ll only need a few minutes to whip up this easy yogurt recipe! With frozen peaches, cashews, tofu, some sweeteners, and a probiotic capsule, this vegan yogurt is as delicious as it is quick to make.

Use firm tofu to produce a more solid yogurt or silken tofu if you crave a smoother and lighter texture. The probiotics in this recipe are optional, as they just add health benefits to the yogurt but aren’t needed to culture it.

7. Oat Milk Yogurt by My Fermented Foods

Oat Milk Yogurt by My Fermented Foods

Perfect for vegans who can’t eat nuts due to allergies or other reasons, this yogurt uses oats to make the milk base. Oat milk is naturally thick, creamy, and contains a lot of protein, making it ideal for yogurt.

This yogurt recipe also includes the instructions for making oat milk. The measurement of oats in the recipe will yield thick milk. You can use fewer oats to make a thinner yogurt instead. Let the yogurt rest for a minimum of eight hours, and longer to give it a more tangy flavor.

8. Vegan Almond Yogurt by Nutritiously

Vegan Almond Yogurt by Nutritiously

You can make yogurt from just almonds and probiotics! While this recipe details the instructions and procedures for making your own almond milk, you can also use ready-made almond milk.

Unlike many other vegan yogurt recipes, this one doesn’t require an Instant Pot or yogurt maker, making it a great option for vegans who don’t have these kitchen pieces of equipment. You can sweeten the yogurt with maple syrup or honey, or add some flavor with vanilla or jam.

9. Vegan Greek Yogurt by Darn Good Veggies

Vegan Greek Yogurt by Darn Good Veggies

This Greek yogurt gets its thick and creamy texture from cashews and coconut milk. The probiotics and tapioca starch top off the four ingredients you’ll need for this easy recipe.

Plan to make this recipe a day in advance as you’ll need to soak the cashews for a minimum of eight hours. Blend the nuts with the coconut milk and starch, and then simmer the liquid in a pot over low heat. It will thicken as it cooks. Add the probiotics to the mixture only after it is cool. Store the yogurt in the fridge for up to two weeks.

10. Chickpea Vegan Yogurt by Priyanka

Chickpea Vegan Yogurt by Priyank

You’ll be amazed by this vegan nut-free and soy-free yogurt recipe! All you need to make this creamy yogurt is chickpeas, water, and a curd starter. You can use the water in which you soaked your chickpeas as your curd starter.

You will need to soak the chickpeas overnight, so factor the schedule into your plans to make this recipe. This yogurt is not sweet and pairs well with savory dishes. You can add vanilla extract and lemon juice to the yogurt to remove some of the bean flavors.

11. Creamy Vegan Yogurt by Cultured Guru

Creamy Vegan Yogurt by Cultured Guru

Use either soy milk or oat milk for this recipe, as either will work well. You also won’t need an Instant Pot or specialized yogurt maker – just a stove and pot will do. This recipe calls for full-fat coconut cream. Do not substitute it with a lite version.

The consistency of this yogurt will be thick and creamy, just as yogurt should be. Use it in smoothies, with oatmeal, or as a vegan replacement for sour cream.

12. Fruity Vegan Yogurt by Okonomi Kitchen

Fruity Vegan Yogurt by Okonomi Kitchen

Make this delicious and easy vegan yogurt without any starters or special equipment. With tofu, cashew butter, frozen fruit, and lemon, this recipe yields a creamy, high-protein, and very flavorful dish.

Use soft tofu for regular yogurt or firm tofu for a Greek yogurt consistency. For the fruit, try mango, bananas, berries, peaches, or a combination of fruits that you love. Though this yogurt doesn’t have any probiotics, you can add powdered probiotics for health benefits if you wish.

13. Versatile Vegan Yogurt by Momables

Versatile Vegan Yogurt by Momables

This recipe doesn’t require soaking nuts, Instant Pots, or even blenders. Simply heat the gelatin and the dairy-free milk and combine the rest of the ingredients. While the recipe calls for unsweetened almond milk, you can also use your preferred dairy-free milk.

The yogurt will thicken in the fridge as it cools overnight. Use it for breakfast, serve it with berries, or layer it with fruit for an elegant parfait. This yogurt is kid-friendly, and you can sweeten it with additional honey or maple syrup.

14. Crockpot Vegan Yogurt by The Conscientious Eater

Crockpot Vegan Yogurt by The Conscientious Eater

You can make yogurt in a crockpot! You’ll need only three ingredients for this simple crockpot recipe: non-dairy milk, cornstarch or a thickener, and commercial non-dairy yogurt as a starter. In addition to the crockpot, you will also need, a large saucepan, a candy thermometer, a whisk, a jar, and towels.

The yogurt will incubate in the warm crockpot for a minimum of 12 hours. The longer it sits, the thicker it will get. However, it will also acquire a more sour taste as it incubates. If you want the thicker consistency but find the taste too sour, you can add some sweeteners to the yogurt such as honey.

15. Vegan Nut Yogurt by Forks Over Knives

Vegan Nut Yogurt by Forks Over Knives

Use your choice of nuts for this homemade vegan yogurt recipe. Try almonds, cashews, peanuts, or a combination of a few varieties of nuts. Interestingly, the recipe also calls for rice, making the base of this unique yogurt a mixture of rice milk and nut milk.

If you have an Instant Pot, you may find it useful for this recipe. However, you don’t need it to make this yogurt. You will need a blender, mesh strainer, saucepan, and food thermometer. When planning this recipe, factor in the hours of soaking, fermenting, and rest time that the yogurt will need before it’s ready to eat.

16. Nut-Free Vegan Yogurt by Foodaciously

Nut-Free Vegan Yogurt by Foodaciously

This oat yogurt is free from nuts and many common allergens. You can produce this deliciously creamy yogurt with just unsweetened oat milk, potato starch, xanthan gum, and a yogurt starter.

You do not need a yogurt maker for this recipe, but the instructions will walk you through making the yogurt without the machine and with it, for those who own a yogurt maker. If you’re not using a yogurt machine, you’ll use the water-bath method to incubate the yogurt.

17. Tofu Yogurt by Happy Herbivore

Tofu Yogurt by Happy Herbivore

The combination of the silken tofu and the banana gives this vegan yogurt its smooth and creamy texture. Simply blend all the ingredients for a quick and easy yogurt you can immediately eat. There’s no incubation or resting time for this recipe.

The yogurt gets its sweetness from the banana and maple syrup, but you can add additional sweeteners or fruit according to your taste. Try incorporating strawberries or blueberries for a fruity yogurt, but don’t omit the banana as it gives the yogurt thickness and texture.

18. Pressure Cooker Vegan Coconut Yogurt by Mealthy

Pressure Cooker Vegan Coconut Yogurt by Mealthy

The agar flakes in this recipe give the yogurt a thick texture. Agar, which is vegetable gelatin, has thickening qualities and is an excellent hack for many vegan recipes. Boil the agar flakes with coconut milk to thicken them before adding the maple syrup and probiotic powder.

The yogurt mixture will need to cook for about ten hours in the pressure cooker, so you may want to prepare this recipe the day before you need it. After it’s cooked, refrigerate the yogurt for a few hours to cool it down and solidify the mixture.

19. Yogurt Maker Vegan Yogurt by Cuisinart

Yogurt Maker Vegan Yogurt by Cuisinart

Cuisinart recommends using this soy yogurt recipe with their electronic yogurt maker, but feel free to try it with any brand you already own. They should all work similarly.

This soy recipe uses cornstarch to thicken the soy milk, which serves as the base for the yogurt. It doesn’t contain sweeteners, so you may choose to add honey, agave, maple syrup, or flavoring extracts to the yogurt after it is completely cooked. You can also eat it plain and add fruit or toppings when serving it.

20. Protein-Rich Non-Dairy Yogurt by The Planted Runner

Protein-Rich Non-Dairy Yogurt by The Planted Runner

Keep powdered soy milk and probiotics in stock so you can also make this easy vegan yogurt. For a high-protein yogurt, use a probiotic capsule with a minimum of 50 billion active cultures, although you should aim for 100 billion.

This recipe yields a neutral-tasting yogurt, great for adding to other recipes or as a base for a yogurt bowl. Add toppings and flavorings such as fruit or granola to make this an easy and healthy breakfast or snack.

21. Vegan Coconut Blueberry Yogurt by Vegetarian Times

Vegan Coconut Blueberry Yogurt by Vegetarian Times

Change up your yogurt routine with a creamy homemade coconut blueberry vegan yogurt. Use the full-fat coconut milk as this recipe instructs, as the reduced-fat milk won’t yield the same results.

Although the recipe calls for blueberries, you can try raspberries or other fruit and play around with the flavors. Sweeten it with agave or honey as per your taste preference. The fruit might lend enough sweetness that you can do without the added sweeteners.

22. Coffee Soy Yogurt by VegWeb

It can be hard to find your favorite flavored vegan yogurts in the grocery, but it’s easy to make them yourself! You can make this coffee yogurt in just minutes using silken tofu, sweetener, and coffee granules.

You can use instant coffee dissolved in hot water, or make your favorite cup of coffee first to add to the recipe. You’ll need a blender to process the tofu, but this recipe doesn’t use any other special equipment.

23. Raw Vegan Yogurt by The Spruce Eats

Raw Vegan Yogurt by The Spruce Eats

You won’t need to boil or cook the ingredients for this recipe. You can use either cashew nuts or macadamia nuts for this recipe. Soak them in water to soften them up before blending them.

After blending the nuts, let them sit in a warm spot for at least 16 hours to ferment. When it’s done fermenting and you’re ready to use the yogurt, add some lemon juice and cool it in the fridge. The recipe doesn’t use any sweeteners or flavorings, but you can add them yourself.

24. Peanut Yogurt by Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Diet

Peanut Yogurt by Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Diet

You have likely heard of almond milk, rice milk, cashew milk, and oat milk, but did you ever have peanut milk? You make this vegan yogurt, or curd as it’s known in India, from just peanuts and water.

Soak the peanuts in water for at least six hours and then grind them until they form a fine paste. Boil the resulting mixture until it resembles milk. Then set the milk in the fridge until it thickens into a yogurt consistency.

25. Vegan Paleo Yogurt by Thriving on Paleo

Vegan Paleo Yogurt by Thriving on Paleo

This vegan yogurt is Paleo-friendly, for those following the Paleo diet. This recipe uses coconut milk but explains that you can use tiger nuts as an alternative to coconuts. Additionally, the recipe offers different methods for incubating the yogurt. You can use an Instant Pot, or incubate it in the oven or a cooler if you don’t have the machine.

This recipe produces a smooth neutral yogurt perfect for eating plain or dressing up with granola, fruit, or nuts. You can try it as a topping instead of sour cream or add it to other recipes, such as vegan mashed potatoes, as a dairy alternative.

Easy Vegan Yogurt Recipes, Final Thoughts

Following a vegan lifestyle doesn’t mean compromising on your favorite foods. You can make delicious and healthy yogurts at home from various non-dairy sources. With oats, cashews, soy, chickpeas, peanuts, coconuts, and more, you’ll never need cow’s milk to make your yogurt again.

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